MAC AT Delhi Couture Week 2011(Rohit Bal Backstage Photos)


M.A.C AT  Delhi Couture Week

Don’t we all like seeing whats taking place at the backstage of all fashion shows? Here are few of the pictures of some of the MAC makeup artist at Delhi Couture Week in Rohit Bal Fashion Show.

Enjoy !!!


Delhi couture week with Rohit Bal


Delhi Couture week 2011 with rohit ball



Rohit Bal Delhi Couture week


MAC Behind the scene shot Delhi couture week



Rohit bal design at Delhi Coture week



Rohit Ball At Delhi Couture week



DCW 2011



MAC makeup in fashion show


mac makeup in DSW



Makeup artist MAC



MAC Makeup face chart



MAC Face chart makeup



mac bridal makeup


MAC mickey contractor makeup


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    • India has no dearth of talented people its just that companies are now giving them their due credit which was long pending .isn’t Zara 😉

        • thas true..I have seen Mickey contractor always coming up with some awesome wearable looks.. i don like to look OTT for sure but looks like this time smokey eyes are not in 😐

  1. Goood Morning gurls 😀

    Zara you slept at 12.30 and woke up by 7.30 !!! Only 7 hours !!!! i sleep for atleast 8.5 hours daily ..hehe

  2. oh…which means she also needs to do some work in the morning…and then she also has time to comment all day long… you rock lady !! :yes: :drunk:

    • Haha! Well, Mits, m a wiseshe addict…unless n until i cant access at all, i always find time to comment…i cant live without daily dose of wiseshe…even if once i can come and check it out its enough for me…i can b santusht wid that! 😉 😉 After all, if no wiseshe, then no Mits!! 😉 😛

  3. The makeup is nice, very wearable. :yes: It seems like too much brown is going on (brown eyes, bronzer on cheeks, nude-y brown lips), I wldn’t wear so much brown all together, but elements of this look can be easily used. :-))

    I’m liking that fact that the eye makeup is simple. I’m very, very bored with smoky eyes now. :yawn:

  4. hey thanx!guess what…i hav been at ur site for abt 2 weeks now and i dint know i cud comment w/0 signing up! 😯

  5. u lookin absolutely gorgeous in ur display pic anamika….and god this is such an amazing website….i bought st ives creamy vanilla bodywash after readin the reviews here and its absolutely amazin! on a vacation here in chennai…originally from 3rd year .. 🙂 🙂

  6. omg i cant believe that 3rd pic….if the model got cat eyes then shes gonna be megan fox look alike!!!..hav u guys tried out megan fox makeup?its my fav….i love the rihanna inspired ones…maybe u shud do megan u know? 🙂 ..i love it.. personally cus her makeup transforms her….even though she isnt that perfect looking..


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