MAC 163 Brush Review & How to use


MAC 163 Brush

I bought this brush last year when the Pro Sculpting creams were launched in a collection. The brush looked so unique and unlike anything i had seen so I snapped it up. Was it worth the impulsiveness? Read on to find out..

This brush is a limited edition contouring brush. As with all MAC brushes, it has the brush number printed on the neck of the brush. It comes with a bristle protector as well.

163 MAC brush

Price: INR 2100

Bristle texture: The bristles are firm but not rough. They are tightly packed together and i initially thought they would be scratchy but its not so.

Washing & Drying: While washing, there was no bleeding or shedding at all. However, it takes ages to dry..on average it takes 1.5 to 2days to dry completely which is a pain.

MAC 163 brush

How to use it? This brush is a god sent for those who are co touring addicts or who find contouring tough. Its so easy to apply the contouring shade with this brush. The firm bristles ensure a definite and precise placement of the shade. Just dip the brush into the cream or powder contour shade place it in the hollow of your cheeks..and X marks the spot…thats it! Just some blending remains 🙂

163 mac brush makeup

Having said this, there are some not-so-nice things about this brush as well:
1. It’s not made for matter what tactic you try, blending is impossible with this brush. You will need a separate brush for that.
2. Drying is a pain like i mentioned above.
3. Mighty expensive. I don’t mind investing in a good brush but usage of this one is too limited to warrant this high price.

MAC Makeup Brush 163

Final Verdict: Not a must have. I would recommend this only to those who love contouring and do it regularly.

Rating: 3.5/5

Have you tried MAC Brush 163?

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