MAC #187 Duo Fiber Stippling Brush Review


Hello Ladies..Today I am reviewing the MAC #187 duo fiber brush…for a change I thought I could review the product by FAQ’s, So lets start the Indian way..



A     Indian Rs 2550/-

Q2   I apply foundation with my fingers..why do I need a brush?

A     In my opinion …using a brush gives you a more natural/airbrushed finish.It gives you a no makeup look and never looks cakey if applied properly.  Some times when you apply foundation with fingers you tend to look like you are wearing a mask..this will never happen when you use this brush

Q3   I own a flat foundation brush already..why do I need a stippling brush?

A   The flat foundation brush only spreads the foundation on to the skin..just like you apply icing to a cake.and the stippling brush pushes the foundation into the skin ..and gives you that moist cake effect!(sorry for the bad comparison!)

Q4  Why not stiplling brush from any other brand?Why MAC?

A   Most of us know and agree that MAC is the best.But if  u cant afford it then I would suggest SIGMA brushes..which deliver atleast 80% of the same result as MAC does.I Own both brushes and I find MAC to be the better one

MAC #187 DUO FIBER reviews

Q5  I have never seen the does it look?

A    it looks like this..


 Q5   Oh girl! is boring..Does it come in other colors like Pink?( LOL)

A    NO girls! Only black

Q6  How does the duo fibre help?

A   If you look at the 187 brush, you can see a number of darker bristles densely packed together, merging with the lighter needle-like bristles. These enable you to pick up the optimum amount of foundation for the stippling process. You’ll be able see numerous tiny dots evenly distributed on your skin which when stippled looks and feels like flawless skin.

Q7  How do I use the brush?

A   pump in 2-3 drops  of foundation on a  plastic plate or clean surface .Dip in the brush and move in circular motion.The outer needle like bristles will pick up the desired amount of just dot with the brush on one side of the face and work in circular move on to the other side of the face,chin area and fore head and repeat the are set to go.this will take about a minute or two!

Q8  I don’t own MAC foundations..will it still be as good with other foundations?

A   Yes of course..I am foundation junkie and have different  foundations from various Brands in various texture..It has worked with all of them.If  you have a foundation that is  is very creamy or soufflé can still use this brush..just spray MAC fix + or rose water on to the brush a couple of times and use it the same way.

Q9  Can I use the brush for my mineral powders/setting poders/finish powders too?

A   Yes of course you can..just make sure the brush Is not wet

Q10  Could I use it to apply my Blush?

A     Yes of course you can ..but I would recommend an angled blush brush or a kabuki brush for blush.

Q11  Can this be used for eye shadows?

A  ..No..they cant be..eye make up requires fine details..the brush has a larger surface area and hence not suitable

Q12  I have heard about another stiplling duo fibre brush from MAC.What is it and how is it different form #187?

A  There is one other stippling Duo fibre brush from Mac.It is Called MAC #188.The difference is .. the surface are of #187 is more than that of #188 and hence finishes the job quickly.

Q13.  It is so expensive..Does MAC provide a case or pouch for the brush?(POOCHNEY MEIN KYA JAATHA HAI?)

 A      Unfortunately no.

Q14  How do you clean the brush?

A     I use a shampoo to clean after I have used it.just pour out 2-3 drops shampoo in a small bowl and add water to lather dip the bristles and move it in circular take it  out and squeeze vey gently and pat dry with clean towel and let it dry in natural air for about 20 mins.You could buy a brush cleanser alternatively

Q15  Does the brush bleed /shed

A    Shed a hair or 2 occasionally..Doesn’t bleed a bit

Q16   Are the bristles purely synthetic?

A   These are a blend of goat and synthetic fibers


  • Cost:

If you feel that the cost of the brush is pinching you…then you can always use your fingers to apply foundation..because every body has them,they come free of cost ,easy to maintain,you don’t require a pouch and you always know where they are!

  • Sheds some times
  • Does not come in PINK!(LOL)
  • Does not come with pouch or case

Hmmm…these are the FAQ’s that I could think of..if there are any more..I shall answer them.Pls let me know

  • Final verdict: An expensive brush worth every penny for the flawless you!
  • Do I recommend it? Of sourse yes!
  • Will I repurchase it?  NO..for sure..because a MAC brush lasts a life time!so my next birth!
  •  Rating:4.5/5


  1. nice article. i so totally agree firstly that stippling is a great way to apply foundation. I have a cheaper brush and that itself works decently so I can imagine how well the MAC brush must wrk. I am a hugeeee MAC fan so hopefully sometime in future I will buy this too. my latest MAC purchase (Sunday) was the prep+prime powder 🙂

    @Anamika – heyy..I picked up the Narangi Ubtan from FE and the Aloe vera Face mist. havent used either. I have to buy rose water so will inaugurate my Ubtan tomorrow.

    • I tried A 🙁 the ponds TM, but I dont know why but I like myself without any foundation. Also the compact powder makes the face so matt that the batural glow goes 🙁 🙁
      But ya you n Zee have made me fall in love with blushes… I just purchased the colorbar peach shade. Blush is a must for me like eyeliner now …:D

  2. 😀 Love the review!!! The style and content 😀 I read each and every word, carefully instead of just glancing thru and will be reading it one more time :rotfl:

    I’m thinking of investing in brushes but lemme see when I can gather the courage to buy this one :struggle:

  3. Great review. Yes, even I heard that MAC brushes are way better than other brands . but the price… Stil I think I would give a try to the pencil brush. I need a good one now

  4. :clap-n-jump: vry interactive post :yes: :clap-n-jump: i enjoyed it thoroughly .. :tap-dance: one fine day i will get mac brushes too :fingersxd: :fingersxd: :fingersxd: :waiting:

  5. its such a useful post jewel. 🙂 u hv covered each n every aspect a brush is meant for. i don’t think any body ‘ll b having any more doubts. n yes i luvvvvved reading it too. :highfive: :makeup:

  6. I love the way you reviewed it and I had been looking for a stippling brush for sooooooooo longggg. I will get the 188 …I am a bit impatient with everything 😀

  7. hi Jewel Loved reading this review!!
    i always loved reading FAQ’s..
    ur style of writting is so impressive
    keep writting girl !!!
    loved it to the bits :yes: :yes:

  8. Love the brush but Sigma makes better brushes than this. I must say that after the hype of this brush every brand started making one and one must try the Finishing Brush from Laura Mercier as it does better job and is far better in quality.

    i use 187 for foundation, creme blush, translucent powder, highlighter, powder blush, bronzer and almost everything to do with the face products.

    For cleaning I prefer using Richfeel Scalp cleansing shampoo as it not only cleans the brush but also conditions the goat hair…..


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