MAC 187 (Dupe) Brush Review



MAC 187 (Dupe) Brush Review

Hi girls!

Remember my haul post from I had promised you about the detailed reviews and here I am with my first review!

This is the review of the MAC 187 dupe from

It is listed as Professional Cosmetic Stipple Fiber Powder Blushes Soft Brush Foundation Makeup #3on their website.

I wanted a stippling brush so bad, and I didn’t have access to MAC because it is not available in my city and neither is it available online. I tried pulling a lot of strings to get it but I feel that makeup addicts like me in my family are very few! Sigh!


buying coin haul


So with some of the money that I had saved for all those products from MAC I ordered this huge haul from

So here we begin!

Price: The brush is available for $2.03!!!! Isn’t the price a steal? Read on the full review and you will fall in love with it!


mac 187 brush dupe


P.S.: My skin doesn’t need heavy/full coverage so please take this fact into account. I need a light coverage only and at most I need medium coverage from my foundation. Though I feel that this will work for heavy coverage too but I cannot be 100% sure!

My take on MAC 187 (Dupe) Brush :

Packaging: I love the packaging! The brush has a long and sturdy handle which is of perfect thickness and is super easy to hold and gives great control when applying the foundation.

It is 20cms in length and the bristles are 3.5 cm in diameter. The brush is very fluffy and soft.

Bristles: I cannot describe how densely the bristles are packed! It looks exactly like the MAC 187. The bristles are soft and work amazingly well. To add to my surprise, they don’t shed. NOT AT ALL!!!!


mac 187 dupe bristles


Performance: The brush picks up the right amount of product and they distribute and apply the foundation very evenly. It doesn’t absorb the foundation and I require very less amount for my entire face. I use it in the proper way that a stippling brush must be used.

It gives a flawless and airbrushed finish and my face looks more than naturally flawless. And to be honest I am undergoing a bad skin phase since past few weeks and I have never been so unsatisfied with my skin. Even then, I feel like my skin looks superb when I use this.

I have used it with liquid and cream foundations and I am super happy with this. I don’t apply blush or bronzer with this brush but I am sure it will work well them too.


mac 187 dupe brush


To be honest, all this while I have been thinking that if the dupe is such a winner, what the original MAC 187 would be like!

What I like about MAC 187 Dupe:

  • Densely packed bristles.
  • Long and sturdy handle. Perfect thickness that gives full control.
  • The bristles don’t shed AT ALL.
  • Doesn’t absorb product.
  • Comes with a cover for bristles so that they don’t lose their shape.
  • Makes skin look flawless. Gives an airbrushed look and one can hardly say that I am wearing any makeup.
  • Exceptionally low rate.
  • Buyincoins offers free shipping to India!!
  • Very less product required for the entire face. Compared to the amount of product I generally need.

What I dont like about MAC 187 Dupe:

  • Nothing at all except that it has MAC187 written over it.

Would I recommend: Yes, definitely. It is more than amazing. I could stock up 10 pieces of this to last me forever!!!!!!!!!

Rating: 5/5

Have you tried any of the dupe form MAC Brushes? How did they fare?

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