MAC 190 Foundation Brush Review


MAC 190 Foundation Brush 

MAC 190 brush was my first purchase from MAC. As I am a complete foundation junky so I thought this will be a good purchase and since then I have never looked back. You never realize how deep you fall  into your MAC addiction. Now I have so many many makeup brushes that I thought of reviewing a few of them. It has been two and half  year since I have been using this brush but never thought of reviewing it. Dunno why 😀

About MAC 190 Foundation brush :-

Pro-quality. A foundation brush designed to create a smooth, even finish, flawless look. Works well with any M·A·C foundation, including Studio Fix and Studio Tech. Use to apply, distribute, and blend foundation into all areas in the face.


  • Price – INR 1600 (I got this of 1600 then, I am not sure if the price has increased or not )

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My experience with MAC 190  foundation brush reviews:-

With the help of this brush I am able to apply my foundation evenly and get an airbrushed finish but it takes a long time in blending everything out. I almost have to spend ten – fifteen minutes in covering all my face and then every time when I use it, I have to wash it . Albeit, this brush does make a difference in the application of makeup and I require less product and it blends everything out easily.


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MAC 190 has rounded edges and is quite a strong firm brush which is great to be used if you are fond of liquid and cream foundations.Also, if you are a full coverage person .If you are mostly wearing BB creams, mousse foundation or tinted moisturiser then its going to sit back in your drawer and will be not of much help for you.Although if you ask me to chose between MAC 187 or MAC 190 then MAC 187 will be my preference because 187 is quite fluffy and saves lot of time compared to this one.

MAC 190 foundation brush reviews+MAC BEST MAKEUP BRUSH REVIEWS


I have been a a bad owner to this brush but still it has stayed with me for long time. Washed it some n number of times till date but still the bristles of the brush has stayed intact and soft.


MAC 190 foundation brush reviews+MAC BEST MAKEUP BRUSH REVIEWS


Recommendation – I won’t say its a must have MAC brush and its pricey too. Now I use it only on my friends who come over to get their makeup done .

WiseShe Rating – 3/5


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  1. i have never ever used a foundation 😛 i plan to buy one n den think in tht money i can buy a mac lippy 😀 but dis year i had resolved to get sigma f80 🙂

  2. I am planning to get the sigma brushes by the end of this year 🙂 not too much into foundation and hardly wear them one or twice a week only 😛 getting lazy day by day 😛

  3. Sahi! i’ve seen this brush…MAC brushes somehow always look so classy na? I myself like fluffy brushes more but these r nice to fully blend out the foundation…

    and 2yrs old this is?!?!! it still luks new!

  4. Mereko bhi SIGMA ka FULTO Set Chahiyeee…….. nice review…….A!
    mac foundation brush..I am really planning to be xtra careful after my skin gets well..thats y got the brush kit!
    as soon as i get used to the one i got..i will invest in mac n sigma brushes! 😀 :yes:

  5. I am planning to buy a whole set of new brushes and trying to understand the purpose of each brush
    Ana this post has cum at the ryt tym 🙂
    For lyt coverege I think this is nt reqd na

  6. I agree Ana..I never knew I wud be so addicted to a brand like so badly addicted that I have to buy atleast one MAC product every month…hehe..I have 187 and lov it for applyin studio fix..nice review..


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