MAC 210 Precise Eye Liner Brush Review



MAC 210 Precise Eye Liner Brush

I don’t remember exactly when I first purchased this brush. But, as you can see it is a brand new brush here, yeah! I bought this brush some 10 days back. I was showing gel liner to a friend and showed this as well and after few hours I noticed that it is missing. I was wondering how and inspite of searching and looking for it all over my place, I could not find it. Trust me, the next morning I called my nearest MAC store to ask if they have it in stock and I picked it up that same day – within 24 hrs. I’m absolutely crazily dependent on this brush no matter what!


mac 210 brush review

Size – 15 cm,

Price – 1600 /- INR , I paid 1300/- INR for this , Available at MC stores across India

About MAC 210 Precise Eye Liner Brush:

For precision lining of eye area or body detailing/design. This brush has smooth, synthetic fibers of just the right length and density for lining the eyes. M·A·C professional brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. They feature wood handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules.

My experience with MAC 210 Precise Eye Liner Brush:


mac 210 brush

If you are someone like me who love Gel Liners then this is just the right brush for you Period! I tried so many brushes in past but this is what I always come back to and recommend it to everyone who is all for precise linings and like to play with the thickness of their eye liners .


mmac 210 review

Packaging – The brush comes with a small plastic cover which protects it from dust and keeps the bristles in place.

The synthetic bristles are tightly packed and are long enough to pick the product nicely and a soft glide gives the clean crisp line easily.

I just wipe off the product with dry cotton or wet wipes immediately after use and then deep clean it every 10 – 15 days if I use it daily. As the bristles are synthetic, it is easy to spot clean it.


bobbi brown graphite eyes

laura mercier eyes

What I like about MAC 210 Precise Eye Liner Brush:

  • The brush is just the right size and has a flawless grip.
  • The synthetic bristles are tightly packed and the length is very balanced to give you ease of use.
  • It is easy to spot clean it.
  • The bristles hardly shed and I used this for years and I can vouch for this.

What I don’t like about MAC 210 Precise Eye Liner Brush:

  • No Cons at all, an absolutely amazing brush it is!

Ratings – 5/5

Recommendation – If you love to play with your eyeliner and keep looking for a brush to draw different styles of linings for various looks, then this is it. you can apply thinnest of the lines and thickest at the same time with this wonderful brush . I didn’t even wait for 24 hrs and picked this immediately when I lost my first one and trust me it is THE BEST eyeliner brush in my books.

Have you tried MAC 210 Precise Eye Liner Brush?

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