MAC 242 Shader Brush Review, Pictures & Price


MAC 242 Shader Brush Review

Every once in a while I pick MAC brushes and keep building my collection , as they are permanent and not limited edition I keep looking for sale GLAD due to high competition these days even MAC have sale and offers. I came across PAC brushes last year which are very close to MAC or say almost identical and I will soon start reviewing them , however we have some reviews done in past if you search on top right bar .

MAC 242 Shader Brush Review


Price- 2500 /- INR

Size- 16 cm, Available at MAC stores and at

My Experience with MAC 242 Shader Brush

The brush am sharing today is great for cream products and the bristles are synthetic. The bristles are densely packed and you can feel the stiffness. The bristles are rounded from sides and that helps in softening the edges if you are using a cream shadow.

MAC 242 Shader Eye Brush

How to use- As mentioned above this is meant for cream products and I use it to apply cream shadows likeΒ  MAC paint pot or Benefit cream shadows but along with that since it is synthetic brush I spray MAC Fix plus and use this to dab my pigments and they work like a charm .

I feel that this is good for anything which is little emollient and needs to be pressed rather than blending. Also it is great addition in my stash. I feel even if you don’t use it often, this gives such nice precision. So much so that it is hard to ignore its qualities.

Since the bristles are synthetic it is very easy to clean, you must check our post on cleaning brushes if you are not aware.

MAC 242 Shader Brush usage

What I like about MAC 242 Shader Brush?

  • The brush is well made and designed perfectly to use cream product , however I feel it is equally good for pigments.
  • The bristles are tightly packed.
  • The cleaning is easy as the bristles are synthetic.
  • The size is just right to fit in hands and give precise application.

What I don’t like about MAC 242 Shader Brush?

  • The price I would say.

Rating- 5/5

Overall recommendations- After trying brushes from the brand PAC, I am completely bowled over plus they are so well made, wait for next review to see, that doesn’t mean I will stop buying MAC brushes but still if you want to save penny there are dupes available.

Have you tried MAC 242 Shader Brush before?



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