MAC 316 Covered Lip Brush Review



MAC 316 Covered Lip Brush

I get endless compliments on my lipstick application but trust me 99 % times they are applied directly from tube , on very rare occasions I use a lip brush and if I use , it is either MAC 231 which I reviewed some days back or the one am showing you today – MAC 316 .


mac brush 316

Size – 17 cm, Price – 1300 /- INR, Available at MAC

About MAC 316 Covered Lip Brush:

For controlled lipstick or eye liner application and comes with a metal cover. This brush has small, flat, firm fibres and a tapered tip. M·A·C professional brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. They feature wood handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules.


mac 316 review

My Experience with MAC 316 Covered Lip Brush:

As mentioned above I use my lipstick directly from tube but since I started using liquid lipsticks and lip mixes I wanted a nice flat paddle shape brush and for so many months my companion was TBS lip brush, I still keep that for travel but I wanted something more reliable and effortless.

While going through one of the blogs I got to know about this brush and wanted to pick this badly but sadly it is now discontinued and so had a hard luck. But, gladly one of the stores had this and that’s how I managed to pick this up.


mac 316 brush

Now I need to confess one thing, if I like something at first glance I want a backup of it then and there and same applies to this brush. I regret not buying this earlier , it is one of the best lip brushes I tried so far , I don’t have plethora of lip brushes but what I read online and tried in stores I find this to be a perfect lip brush .

The brush bristles are tightly packed and it had a flat paddle like shape, unlike most of the brushes which are rounded. Due to flat shape it gives even and thin application and doesn’t deposit the colour in one place – it distributes and spreads the colour nicely. The bristles are not too big and can be used to apply gel liners too .


mac 316 brush reviews

Packaging – The Brush has two parts, one with the brush and ferrule and other is the steel cover, you need to open it and then put the steel cover on back of it, and it is very small when it’s closed but once you open it, it’s really long. The cap fits really nicely to upper part and never comes off easily.

The best tip to use this brush – If you are going out, just load your brush with the lipstick you have applied instead of carrying it with you and then use the brush for quick touch up. This tip was shared on makeup alley and I find this really helpful.


occ super nsfw lips

mac lipmix lips

What I like about MAC 316 Covered Lip Brush:

  • I love the shape of the brush, it gives precise application every time without a fail.
  • The closer is really secure and doesn’t come off easily.
  • The brush cleans nicely without shedding a hair.
  • The bristles are tightly packed.
  • The price is very decent for the awesome brush.

What I don’t like about MAC 316 Covered Lip Brush:

  • None at all .

Ratings – 5 /5

Recommendations – IF you are looking for a good and handy lip brush which is not heavy on pocket then please try and find this, it is one of the best lip brushes I tried so far. It gives precise application, washes easily and is very handy.

Have you tried MAC 316 Covered Lip Brush ?

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