MAC Alluring Aquatics Eyeshadow Sea Worship Review and Swatches


MAC Alluring Aquatics Eyeshadow Sea Worship

We have shared swatches of MAC Alluring Aquatics eye shadows long back and here is individual review for the eye shadow SEA WORSHIP . I just picked this shade although all the shades were super beautiful and alluring . This was the first time I tried the formula and was hoping to love it due to all the hype .

mac eyeshadow

Size – 1.5 gm , Price – 1500 /- INR , Available at MAC stores across India

My experience with MAC Alluring Aquatics Eyeshadow Sea Worship :

Shade – Sea worship is described as Tarnished olive , it is warm toned shimmering glittering dirty golden olive shade which looks wonderful on its own and pairs beautifully with any shade . I have used MAC rule here and the look has come out so wonderful IMO . The color is easy to use alone and goes well with endless shades .


mac sea worship review

Texture and Staying power – It has soft and creamy easy to glide texture , Extra Dimension eye shadows are so different from regular eye shadow , they can be applied wet or dry and looks intense metallic when applied wet . The feel is light weight even if you layer it . I get 7 plus hrs of wear with good primer underneath , on its own it is manageable but I love it with primer . There is no fall out even if you keep layering it , it sits well and looks polished and streak free . I prefer applying this with a synthetic flat brush so that it applies thin and even .


mac eyeshadow swatch

mac swatch 008

Pigmentation – It is opaque in single layer however if you add more the color just intensifies . In pictures here I have shown you different base – With MAC NUBILE PAINT Pot in first look , With base of liner like MAC BLACK SWAN in second look and with Primer and MAC RULE eyeshadow in last look  .


mac eyeshadow look

mac eyeshadow looks

What I like about MAC Alluring Aquatics Eyeshadow Sea Worship :

  • I love the stunning teal packaging .
  • The shade is beautiful and unique .
  • The formula is delight to use – dry or wet .
  • The staying power is also great .
  • The texture is super light and easy to use with any texture of eyeshadow .

What I don’t like about MAC Alluring Aquatics Eyeshadow Sea Worship :

  • The price is too steep .
  • The size is small for the price tag .
  • It is limited edition shade and was out of stock pretty soon in most of the stores .

Ratings – 5/5

Recommendations – I  absolutely loved the formula but the price is too steep , I can add more and get a quad from other brand . If you want to try the formula then pls don’t miss a chance and that was the sole reason I picked this up and not regretting much .

Have you tried MAC Alluring Aquatics Eyeshadow Sea Worship ?

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  1. the eye shadow looks so good in the case… by the way pretty eotd… i lvd how u played with the liner in ur eotd, showed us how this eye shadow will look with different uses of liner/… clap clap clap 🙂

  2. This is an awesome shade, it looks so lovely on rash dear! I wouldnt mind the price tag for the shade ! 🙂 i feel alluring collection is one of the best from mac, all stuff i m liking !


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