MAC Amber Lights Eyeshadow: Review, Swatches


When India’s best MUAs like Vimi Joshi and Mickey Contractor were asked about must have Eyeshadows from MAC, they both had Amberlights in their list. I have not yet found a single person who does not love this eyeshadow. When I went to MAC and swatched this, I knew I had to get this beauty. MAC cosmetics do make a dent in my pocket, hence I am always extra vigilant in buying them. Let me tell you my version of the story about Amberlights.

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MAC describes Amber lights as peachy-brown with shimmer (frost).

I would say it is a beautiful Coppery Bronze shade. The finish is Frost. The shade is a beautiful one to own and goes well with traditional as well as western wear. It is such a versatile shade that it can be combined with a number of shades.

MAC Amberlights eyeshadow review + mac amber lights

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I love to wear it on lids with a bit of contouring with matte brown shade. It just perks up the look in an instant.

  • Price: 680 INR for a refill(I came to know they have hiked it to 720 😮 !)
  • Texture: Very smooth, applies evenly and gives a sheeny finish. There is nothing not to love about this shade’s texture. No creasing.
  • Pigmentation: Superb!

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  • Staying Power: It stays on my lids without creasing for 5-6 hours with a base of Concealer. With a base of Paint Pot, I saw no creasing even after 7-8 hours!MAC Amberlights eyeshadow review + mac amber lights swatch

This is definitely a must have shade from MAC, the color is superb as is the quality! Pair it with other shades or wear it alone on lids, it looks awesome both ways. I love it with Deep Blue, Greens, Plums!MAC Amberlights eyeshadow review + mac eyeshadow swatch

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I would say give it a try ladies and you would be impressed too! This is a shadow which I will keep on buying. You can see how gorgeous it is in the swatches!MAC Amberlights eyeshadow review + mac amberlights swatch

Will I repurchase? YES!

Do I recommend? A big YES!


Would you buy this eyeshadow in Amber Lights?


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