Mac Angel Flame Eyeshadow Quad Look, Swatches & Review


MAC Angel Flame Eyeshadow Quad Review

Hiya everyone!

Is everyone ready for Holi or is it still cold in your city? As usual I am pretty excited about the festival:)

Coming to the my favorite part of make up which is eye makeup .Review of MAC Angel flame was long pending but I wanted to come out with a tutorial using the whole quad so it took me little time.

MAC Angel Flame Eyeshadow Quad is from the MAC Fall colour collection which was launched few weeks back in India.

  • Price  – I think it is INR 2400  albeit not sure.

MAC Angel Flame eyeshadow Quad review+MAC eyeshadow quad review angel flame

 It’s a soft smoky pink eye  makeup which I guess will be nice for a date.

MAC angel flame eye makeup+MAC angel flame look

Quad consist of Four shades which are as follows:-

  • Chamomile – It’s a pretty yellowish white eyeshadow which has a satin finish.It’s really soft and I like using it as a highlighter during the day.
  • Angel Flame – It’s orange mix with peach and has golden shimmer in it.Like Chamomile this one too is soft and the shade reminds me of melon pigments.Shadow lacks pigmentation and one needs to build the shade .A primer is definitely recommended while using it.
  • Feather Pink – It’s a beautiful soft barbie pink with similar satiny finish.It’s cool toned.
  • Gravel – It’s a blackish gray eyeshadow which has a touch of blue in it.It comes out little muddy but on lid its comes out as a pretty shade.I once applied it all over eyelid and dabbed some Inglot AMC pigment No 85 on it and it came out pretty .

MAC angel flame chamomile featered pink gravel eyeshadow reviews

Swatches of MAC Angel Flame Eyeshadow Quad :-

Chamomile , Angel Flame, Feather Pink  and Gravel

Chamomile (creamy pale yellow), Angel Flame (coral that flashes pink/yellow), Feather Pink (mid-tone pink), and Gravel (blue-grey).

And here we go with the MAC Angel Flame eyeshadow look 🙂

  • Step1 – Appled NYX jumbo pencil Milk as a primer and blended it out nicely with my finger (Pic2 below).
  • Step2 – Applied Angel flame eyeshadow (peachy orange) all over eyelid.(Pic 3 &4)

Pink smoky eyes with MAC angel flame quad flame+eye makeup with  Chamomile (creamy pale yellow

  • Step3– This is how Angel flame comes out (Pic1 below).
  • Step4 – Now applied a black eyeliner(Nyx Jumbo pencil black bean) and with a smudge brush/Line softener and smudged the eyeliner to give it a smoky effect.I covered my half eyelid with it and took the eyeliner to the outer corner (Pic 3 below).To soften the eyeliner I applied gravel)eyeshow from the quad(greyish black) .
  • Step5 – In the crease I applied feather pink with MAC 226 small tapered blending brush.


MAC chamomile angel flame feather pink eyemakeup

  • Step6 – From the crease to the brow bone applied chamomile eyeshadow.
  • Step7 – Lined my lower lashline with a black eyeliner and applied angel flame in the inner corner and lower lashline.Also applied NYX jumbo pencil milk on lower lashline.Curled my lashes with Faces eye lash curler  and filled my brows with MAC espresso eyeshadow.

MAC gravel eyeshadow+eye makeup with pink smoky eyes

Applied lots of mascara and I am done 🙂

MAC eyeshadow quad makeup angel flame+MAC eyeshadow quad angel flame look


Recommendations – Texture of all the shade is beautiful and it has variety of shades which makes it interesting.Albeit , Angel flame needs little work but it’s still a pretty shade to have.

Wise She Rating – 3.5/5

Product sent by brand for consideration but it has not affected my opinion.

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  1. Even I liked this palette, but I hardly use eyeshadows so I didn’t get it. I felt it was a good combination of young, fresh colors. And you have used them quite well in your EOTD 😀

  2. lovely eyemakeup Ana..I also liked this quad at the store..but am new to eyemakeup so didnt purchase..u have used it effectively..

  3. Love this! Especially the melony color..I don’t think I’ve eva seen this kinda color being used b4…

    And the eye look is gorgeous..I think I luv it more coz of d pink.. 🙂

    Do u think the premade quads r better t pick up then individual ones? As in..this seems cost wise better but is the qty d same n all?

  4. :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: :hypnotized: u did it again. m speechless..just gorgeous :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:


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