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MAC Beauty Lipstick Glamour Daze –


Other day when I looked at Glamour Daze collection everything looked  so beautiful but there were few things which were just not my type and the next day I found a courier on my door step from MAC with “just not my type” thing   in it.Sigh!

Meet MAC Lipstick Beauty

  • Price  –  980INR

MAC Beauty lipstick reviews+MAC Beauty

Comes in a MAC Trademark packaging, MAC Beauty is of  frosty finish and when I tested it out thinking that some of you might be interested in it,  my lips felt overly dry.It accentuate fine lines but glides smoothly.It is a shade for cooler skin tone or might suit neutral skin tone as well.

MAC Beauty lipstick reviews

Finish of the lipstick is opaque and will cover heaviest of pigmentation .If you have known MAC Fashion flower lipstick it is quite similar to MAC Mlle lipstick of that collection.I tried it once and found the staying power pretty average of around 3-4hrs.

Beauty lipstick MAC+MAC Beauty lipstick reviews

How I wish they suited me but sadly its just going to stay in my drawer and do nothing .I don’t feel like throwing it away because there is a special corner in my heart for MAC lippies.

MAC Beauty lipstick +Beauty lipstick beauty

MAC Beauty Lipstick  Swathches

A cool tones frosty pink shade.You can see how strong is the blue undertones in it.

MAC Beauty lipstick swatches+Beauty lipstick swatches MAC

But best part is that if the colour suit you then you might like it because of the opaque coverage and smoothness in application of the lipstick.

MAC Beauty lipstick swatches (2)

I am not going to come for its pros and cons because this shade is just not meant for me.I have judged it only on the basis of its texture which is little drying but smooth in application.

Have you tried MAC Beauty Lipstick?

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Product sent by brand for consideration but it has not affected my review


  1. Mac Beauty isnt as pretty as I thought of.. it doesnt work for indian skin tones.. but can be tried to make a cosmetic lip color..or worn under a pink lip gloss to get an absolutely new shade..
    Even I couldnt throw stuff out .. even though if it isnt my type.. 🙂

  2. I checked out the collection yesterday only and most of the lipsticks were sold out including the one I wanted Glamour daze…This one was there too dint like it at all looks like a concealer for lips yuck!!!

  3. i want to love this shade but its too milky-pale for almost all of us 🙁 Reminds me of some Nyx lippie that was reviewed here. I like the glossy black packaging though 🙂

    • oh yes! black packaging is interesting..i have too many nyx shades which i bought out of splurge and they really wash me out badly and makes me look like a ghost.

  4. This collection didn’t have very awesome lipsticks, Glamourdaze was okayish, but the eye prdts were very, very pretty! I loved the eyeshadows – tho I didn’t get any. But I got Orpheus Kohl Liner & I love it!!

    • yup! eyeshadows of this collection were fantastic..i should have got them actually..i just got engrossed with other things there.


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