MAC Blush Finishes: A Guide


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MAC Blushes are one of the best in the market. In India we have a dearth of blushes (I wonder why???) and usually we only get pink and peach from the drugstore brands. India is more of a lipstick market but without a good blush the face does look incomplete. Mac has a variety of finishes and colors to suit every skin tone from pale to dark.Also ,when a colorbar blush costs rs 650 ,it makes more sense to me to invest in a MAC one to get the true feel of a good blush.MAC has powder and cream blushes and pigmentation varies from category to category.They retail at 1450 for a pan and 1150 for a refill pan.

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MAC Matte Blushes:-

As the name says, Mac Matte blushes are devoid of any shimmer or iridescence. It’s a solid colour and the most pigmented of the lot. Its easy to go overboard with the brighter colours in this finish. A light hand in application definitely helps or you can risk a clown face. A matte blush stays on for easily 6-7 hours.The brownish shades in this range can double up as contouring products as well.

Mac Matte Blushes: Melba, Coppertone, Buff , Fever, Raizin, Harmony, Blunt, Mocha, Desert Rose, Prism, Frankly Scarlet.

My favorite out of this lot is Desert Rose.

MAC Frost Blushes:-

Frost finish blushes are shimmery and the lighter shades work very well as a highlighting product as well. This is the finish to avoid if you have open and prominent pores and acne marks as shimmer only accentuates them. Also,Frost blushes are not really apt for the daytime for obvious reasons.

MAC Frost Blushes: Style, Format, Margin.

MAC Satin Blushes:-

Satin finish Blushes are a lot like Matte finish in terms of pigmentation. However,they give a satin-y effect to the cheeks which makes the skin look smoother and softer (info courtesy-Blush Queen Zara .)I admit I was a little confused so decided to ask the Blush Queen herself. Satin finish blushes have a great staying power .Fleur Power is a personal favourite.

MAC Satin Blushes: Well Dressed, Fleur Power, Dame, Cubic.

MAC Sheertone and Sheertone Shimmer Blushes:-

These two finishes are the most popular when it comes to MAC Blushes. They are a delight to work with as they are not intensely pigmented .The most popular Mac Blushes belong to this category

Sheertone literally means the blushes go on sheer and can be built up to suit your taste. They are the best options for beginners and give a more diffused and a natural look to the skin.

Sheertone Shimmer: As the name suggests,these blushes have some fine shimmer which is not very obvious or OTT. This finish is my personal favorite as I love me some shine on the face :-). The lighter shades in the range make for great highlighters. The staying power of sheertones is not as high as matte or satin ,but I love it nonetheless.

Sheertone Blush Shades: Peaches, Pink Swoon, Pinch Me, Gingerly, Blushbaby, Breath of Plum, Pinch ‘o’ Peach, Tenderling.

Sheertone Shimmer Blush Shades: Dollymix, Ambering Rose, Breezy, Peachykeen, Springsheen, Sunbasque, Trace Gold, Sweet as Cocoa.

Which is your favorite finish?

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  1. Superb post Shweta. I had very little idea about blushes n used only pink one,but then wiseshe came into my life n now i have 13blushes from various brands. N this post wil help me to buy more mac as i hav only 2 mac blushes

  2. I`m so happy with the Illamasqua blush that I`ve got throught the wiseshe giveaway, I wanted to review it… Can I ? <3


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