MAC Blush Immortal Flower( Tres Cheek Collection): Review, Swatches


Hi All,

Today I’ll be reviewing another blush from the MAC Tres Cheek collection. I have reviewed LoveCloud earlier from the same collection and this one in Immortal Flower was a Rakhi gift from my bro. I was quite overjoyed to get it but sadly it didn’t live up to my expectations…

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mac blush immortal flower review+ mac immortal blush

MAC Tres Cheek Collection Description

Blush as vibrantly, softly, or hip as you dare in shades that reflect your mood, style and skin tone. Six new limited edition Blush Powders in red-orange, peach, pink and lavender that are seamlessly sheer, and stay as bright on the skin as they are in palette.


  • mac blush immortal flower review+ mac blush

My take on the MAC Blush in Immortal Flower:


  • Color: The blush is a satin finish and is described as a ‘bright peach’. On me this is a more Peachy-Pink.

mac blush immortal flower review+ mac

  • Pigmentation & Texture: The blush as visible from the swatch leaves a lot to be desired! In terms of both..texture and pigmentation..The texture is mentioned as Satin but it is really a matte finish…so matte that if you have dry skin this will probably look like a dry patch on your cheeks. Pigmentation is sad and I need to dip in multiple times to get some color to show up on my cheeks. It does show up, worry not, but only after a significant amount of digging.
  • Staying Power: Once I manage to get a decent bit of this blush on my face this stays put for about 3hrs before fading into nothing. Yea….major sad…I thought maybe it’s because it’s alight shade and similar to my natural cheek color; but then I tried it on friends with different skintones and it too faded off within 3hrs or so.

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mac blush immortal flower review+ mac tres cheek collection

I was so disappointed by this blush that I went online to check some foreign blogs which had reviewed this collection and all of them had the same thing to say…it seems that the quality of one piece in this collection varies from other for me was the swatch of LoveCloud shown by one blogger which was genuinely chalky and quite pathetic…but I had no such issues with mine..On the other hand many had nice things to say about Immortal Flower whereas the piece I got lacks on so many levels! I mean..its ridiculous how the quality and texture can differ so greatly..and that too from a brand like MAC…Sad…I’d rather they released fewer collections and maintain their quality rather than have 15-20 collections which lack it..

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All said and done, I do like the color. It’s pretty and looks gorgeous once I manage to get it on my cheeks but it’s sad that it hardly lasts. Plus, I don’t see myself using this during the winters when my skin gets terribly dry and patchy…this blush would just accentuate it!

Swatches MAC Blush in Immortal Flower: 



mac immortal flower swatch+ mac blush immortal flower review+ mac

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mac blush immortal flower review+ mac blush swatches

What I like about MAC Blush in Immortal Flower:-


  • A matte blush which a lot of us office goers would prefer
  • Color is genuinely beautiful when applied. The peachy-pink is gorgeous.

What I dislike about  MAC Blush in Immortal Flower:

  • Limited edition blush..
  • Pigmentation is lacking. I have to dig and dig to get a decent amount of color to show up on me.
  • Texture is too dry to my liking. I like matte blushes too but not such extreme mattes…And definitely not when it is expressly mentioned that the finish is supposedly Satin…
  • Quality is bad…I’ve never come across a MAC blush which has lacked so much in so many ways.
  • Too pricey for a dud…I’d rather prefer a Tips n toes blush which turned out a failure than a MAC!

Rating:  2/5


Have you tried any blush from this collection?

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  1. Oh MAC! Zee check out Temptalia! almost all the LEs from MAC are duds! I rely on permanant collection only now. this is so sad and for this price? Streetwear blushes are better than this!

  2. Oh it so sad when u get a dud…that too from mac! 🙁 N how did they think of describing this as “bright peach”. It’s not bright in any sense of the word :-/

    • u kno naf..i wudnt mind if it were a light peach instead of a bright peach…but atlst the formula cud hav been gud MAC of all ppl cud mess this up is a wonder to me..

  3. Hi Zee! Kudos for having such a generous bro! 🙂 🙂 I saw this at the MAC store but skipped this and bought Modern Mandarin instead. This felt too chalky for my NC42 skin…


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