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Hi All,

If you’ve seen my haul here then you must have seen that I picked up 3 blushes on my last trip to MAC  Stubborn, Tea Petal and Melba. Melba is a shade I’d wanted for long but always thought it was too similar to Peaches and hence gave it a miss. But on my last trip, Richard (my favourite-est MUA) asked me to try it out and showed me the difference between both shades. And what more assurance could a blush lover need right? I jumped for it .

MAC Blush Melba Review+mac blush

My take on the MAC Blush in Melba: 

  • Color: The blush is described on the site as a Soft Coral Peach. On my skin though its more peachy than coral which is where I see the diff between this and MAC Peaches. Peaches looks more Coral on me where as this is more of a Peach with a hint of Coral.
  • Price:  INR 1350 for the full pan and INE 1150 for the refill
  • Quantity:  6g
  • Pigmentation & Texture: This is a matte finish blush and you can apply it lightly or heavily as desired.  When I swatch it on my fingers, it looks a bit chalky but it doesn’t look the least bit chalky on my skin.
  • Staying Power: Depending on how much you apply, this blush stays for about 4hrs to 7hrs. I say this because I usually like to apply this lightly to give a more naturally peachy and glowy look to work.

MAC Blush Melba Review Blush Pan+mac blushes


MAC Melba is hand down the easiest blush to wear! It’s not dark enough to stain your cheeks and make you wonder how the heck you’re gone blend this blob of color, nor is it the kinds which makes you peer into the mirror hunting for where your blush went just minutes after application.

MAC Blush Melba Review Shade name+blushers


This is a color which would suit fairer skin tones best. On medium skin tones, this would look genuinely more coral than peach and on skintones above NC 45 or so, it would require a lot of work to show up I feel.

MAC Blush Melba Review Swatch+blush mac


My skin has been going through some issues lately which is why I’ve been avoiding to put up pics of myself in my reviews. My skin has gone through breakouts and now is kinda dull looking. So whenever I want to flaunt my skin in its former glory, this blush is all I need. If you see the below sliver of a pic where I’m wearing this blush, you’ll notice that although the color is subtle and hardly discernible, it still manages to make my skin look naturally brighter and makes my cheeks look like it has some color in them instead of looking sallow and dull…

MAC Blush Melba Review Hand Swatch+peach blush


I quite like how this looks on me..This is one Coral which most of us would love…especially those of you who are blush-shy..


MAC Blush Melba Review FOTD+mac peaches blush

What I like about MAC Blush in Melba:

  • Another coral blush which most of use would love
  • Can be built up as you desire
  • Easily blendable
  • Helps brighten up your face
  • Even though its a matte finish blush, its not dry looking or as chalky looking as the swatch. It blends easily and disperses the right amount of color.
  • Would suit lighter skintones better.

What I don’t like about MAC Blush in Melba:

  • None at all. I’d normally say the price but then I don’t think I should state that anymore since’s MAC and the prices just ain’t ever gonna budge…


Ratings:  5/5

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  1. Lovely shade! Am contemplating my first purchase from really confused which one to get.. what do you recommend if I wanted a neutral barely there glowy kinda blush (hope am making sense) that I can wear everyday… ??

    • If ur a novice and are a bit unsure about how to build up a blush or tone it down, I’d recco Melba or peaches..but if ur comfy with toning up or down a shade, blush baby is perfect… U can build up or use a tiny bit and it wud look perfect…although m going by the tiny pic I can see of urs.. Hihi..

      • hiihi..Thanks for recos…. I shall try them when I visit MAC store in Pune.. its in KP?

        I have just Jordanas, MUA and Faces blushes..This is the first time I shall be spending so much on a blush. An everyday shade would ensure I at least use it often.

  2. btw…lovely semi-FOTD 🙂 N good thing u mentioned about reviewing the coastal scents duo defining wand. i have the same blue n purple one ure wearin here n was about to review it :giggle:

    • Oh no no naf..I think u can go ahead with purple wala is the blue one 🙂 n semi Fotd? Hihi..I think it’s a quarter Fotd 😉

            • Hihi..I got greedy na 😉
              I have a mixed review too on diff of mine is dried already! N in some the smudger has hardly any Color! Kinda weird..m not happy with the quality of the smudger ends…for most mok with the liner quality..except the 1 dried wala 🙁 u had a similar experience ?

  3. Superb Shade and looks beautiful on U. :kissblow: :beauty:
    Zara how do u store ur refill blushes n shadows…I find storing them a bit difficult..
    Show us your refill blush storage na :-)) :-))

    • Thanx nav!

      I store refills in their I hav a empty mac blush my mac refills go in there..I hav a Z-palette too waise reviewed on WS…and I also made a palette of my own with an old expired makeup palette and a magnetic sheet 🙂 I use that for my inglot blush refills ..u shud get a magnetic sheet from the stores and also make one nav…it’s really cost effective 🙂


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