MAC Brush Cleanser Review and Usage


MAC Brush Cleanser Review & Usage

Hi Gals

So lets play question answer round, answer in yes or no! 😀

1. Are you a makeup junkie?

me- yes :angel:

2. Do you have plethora of  brushes… duh makeup brushes? 😀


3. Are you lazy bum 😀 and find washing brushes after every use a headache?

me-yes yes yes!!!!!  :struggle:

If answer to above questions are yes then you need MAC Brush Cleanser in you life asap!  :worship:  :dance-left-right:

mac brush cleanser review+ best makeup brush cleanser

About MAC Brush Cleanser

MAC Brush Cleanser cleans, disinfects and conditions the brush fibers so that brushes will last longer. Convenient to use, specifically designed to extend the life of high quality brushes, the MAC Brush Cleanser leaves brushes smelling fresh and clean, and helps shorten their drying time.

Price- Rs 650 for 235 ml


best makeup brush cleanser+ how to clean makeup brushes


My Take on MAC Brush Cleanser

Its a life saver for lazy bums like me, i am a regular foundation and concealer user and for me its not humanly possible 😛 to wash after every use and i am wary of using unwashed brush with foundation residue as i have extremely sensitive acne prone skin, that’s were MAC brush cleanser comes into my life as an angel. :heart:


clean brushes+foundation brush+makeup cleanser


How I Use the MAC Brush Cleanser:-

I use it in a different way than that what described by MAC. I use it by two ways mainly for spot cleaning and sometimes for deep cleaning if i feel the brush has lot of residues.I  just put a bit of the cleanser it on a tissue paper and run the brush back and forth until its clean and for deep cleaning just pour a little product into a cup and put your brush in it just for a little bit and then rinse with water. One of the best things about the MAC Brush Cleanser is that brushes dry so fast, you don’t have to wait for ages to use the brush! 🙂


mac brush cleanser+professional makeup brush cleanser+best makeup brush cleaner


mac brush cleanser+brush off makeup brush cleanser


I guess the pictures are enough to tell you that the cleanser is pretty effective. There is no residue of cleanser left after cleansing and brushes feel soft smooth to touch but I would highly recommend to wash your brushes with baby shampoo atleast once in 15 days (lazy me :X-P: )

Pros of MAC Brush Cleanser:-


  • Makes the brushes squeaky clean in no time.
  • Brushes doesn’t take time to dry.
  • No residues left.
  • Keep brushes soft and smooth for long.
  • Economical… huge quantity!

Cons of MAC Brush Cleanser-


  • None. I love it. Period! 😀


Would I recommend MAC Brush Cleanser–  Yes definitely a must buy, cleaning your brushes regularly increases their longevity!!! CLEAN BRUSHES = HAPPY BRUSHES :angel:



Have you tried MAC Brush Cleanser?


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  1. I soooooo need to get this! For me washing brushes is nuthing short of a punishment..I esp hate to wash te the stippling brush!

  2. Oh this stuff is awesome.. n not costly if u c… Ben nye brush cleanser is around the same pricewise.. My baby brushes go thru a lot of pain thruout my working days… i need dis.. great post.. Tupsi! :lipstick: :yes:

    • thankies dahling :-)) yesh riccccckk dis is totally economical……get it u n ur brushes will luv it :hug-makeup: :hug-makeup:

  3. Wow!!! a life saver for the brushes, even Iam too too lazy to wash my few brushes, Iam surely gonna get it next time.
    Thnx for the review Tulips :-)) :-))

    • thanks dear :-)) dere is one frm clinique but it costs 1300 inr and i havent used myself so cannt tell hw it is! :-))

  4. I too hate cleaning my brushes!!! Major hate…I tend to leave it till d last moment when I don’t hav and brushes left 🙂 which works out worse I know but the entire process gets so tiresome….this seems to b perfect for spot cleaning which wud make life easier..instead of having to use shampoo n cond for washi g every single time…good one..

    • same here zee dey used to keep piling up and i totally hated it thts when i got dis one..lyf has been so much easier 😀 u get it too..its super 😀 n h r u..n ur lill aingel :hug-makeup:


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