MAC Caviar Dream Eyeshadow Winner


Thank you every one who entered into the contest.You can have last look at  MAC Caviar Dream  now πŸ˜›

MAC Caviar Dream Eye Shadow Quad Review

And the winner is ….Drum roll please




Maha !!!

I would like to specially thank Maha who took out so much of time and sent 18 entries.At last probability won.:P

Those who didn’t win the giveaway don’t be disheartened.There is one going to be soon ..I mean very soon.:)

I will cherrish  every every one of yours entry on my blog

Thanks a tonne

Maha please contact me on my email id with in 24 hours.






  1. OMG Maha! you made it πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
    Amazing…. finally all your dedication paid :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
    PPAARRTTYY!!! :party: :party: :party:

  2. Mahaaaaaa….i someway had thins feeling that you’l win πŸ™‚ Everytime a post comes up, more often than not its yours !!!! Now do an EOTD ASAP :party: :party: :party:

    • Don’t worry we’ll take out our weapons :knife: :knife: :hammer: :hammer: :bomb: :bomb:
      And we’ll do makeup with the quad for you for your first date πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

  3. Hello Maha,…hearty congratulations to you on winning the MAC Dream Quad…with so much entries…u really made it!!! a big round of applause pls…… :announce:

  4. wow!!!! maha!!!! rock on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! waiting for u to put up some eye looks after receiving the eyeshadows and hey anamika great giveaway yaar and u know, most of my friends know ur blog(eventhough, they have no idea about mine lol). So, i tell them i know u in person and i call u up and all that…..they get envious(and I think some of them suspect that i am just bragging!!!) ‘coz i know a blogosphere celebrity hee hee. love ya babe. byeeeeee

    • What are you saying Anju..:O:O:O
      And the last time when u calld me I was traveling so couldn’t call u back after the disconnect..but u truly made my day.and now when u have a dot com and a you tube video thing..u r going to the hottest sort after doctor girl:)

    • Thank you so much Anju :)) I will definitely learn something and put up a decent EOTD here :))
      And I agree with you on Anamika being a celebrity πŸ™‚

  5. lol.”hot doctor”. love the term!!! :D. am so sorry, that i didnt participate in this giveaway, was going thru some personal ups and downs( was keeping on blogging to get away from all that…….the you tube video is a result of that). Seriously anamika, I love u and rashmi a lot, u guys were always there for me when I started my blog and gave me good advice. am so happy to know that the blogs of both u guys are the most talked about(no buttering yaar, its true). ppl love coming back to ur blog coz u have soooooooo much to post and u r truly the versatile blogger and rashmi’s blog, it gives an Indian perspective about the luxurious brands and we get to know about it first hand from an indian. I looooooooveeee both u guys(am sounding so gay in here lol).

    • Anju …blogging gives both thing..lot of hate and lot of love too…I always try my best when I see a new blogger coming up.she does need the support and when she doesn’t get it she either starts making mistakes or leave it all together.It happened to me so i know how it feels..this is why i used to comment on every single post of yours and talk to you on phone.Infact Rashmi and I talk about you quite often now also(if u believe us)
      u should ask Rashmi about it..and I find u amazingly confident and talented..this is why I calld you hot doctor πŸ™‚

  6. congrats Maha, u sure had to win as u confused me to write Maha instead of Meenu in her article…that just showed how many posts you had put up recently…and lovely giveway Anamika…

    miss ya, nowadays no talks between us………me so super busy, that i literally steal time to put in comments and dont even have time to check if u replied πŸ™

  7. @Maha

    Aree..mention not πŸ˜€

    Like Mitra, I too had this feeling that u’ll win this conto.. whenever I entered on this blog, most of the recent comments were made by you πŸ˜›

    Lage Raho \ πŸ˜€ /

    • hahah.. I had some free time to spare lately Heena :)) And I had made some lovely friends here on wise she so there was more than one reason to keep commenting :))

  8. I was successful in revealing ur real face to others πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    ‘m not devil.. ‘m an alien from toothistan :alien:

  9. Nahiiiiiiiinnnnn!!!!!!!! (Bollywood heroine style)

    😯 😯 Another chaalu on wise she after Anamika and Mitra who like to pull my legs :weep: :weep:
    You have just woken the devil from its sleep :devil: :devil:


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