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Hey Girls,

I have been away from my favorite blog for a long time, wedding and new job et all, phew! But I have been following the posts diligently and as soon as Ana posted that MAC Up the Amp was on sale, I jumped to buy it and I did ;-). I am wearing it right now and thought it would be the perfect time to write a fresh review.

MAC Chilli Lipstick Review+mac lipsticks

Hmm, coming back to the review, I used to be very scared of Red lipsticks. But once the bug caught me, there was no looking back. I have been collecting Red lipsticks like crazy and Wedding was a great excuse for doing so ;-). One of my all time and you-can-wear-it-for-day-outs-too kind of Red lipstick is MAC Chilli. The shade in the tube may look a bit on the boring Brown side, but this comes out to be beautiful Orangish Red on lips.

Let me explain the points in detail:

  • Price: 980 INR

MAC Chilli Lipstick Review product+red mac lipstick

  • Packaging:It would be more convenient for me to say that the packaging is MAC lipstick packaging as in itself MAC lipsticks have become a unique definition of lipstick packaging :-D. It is a black case which looks like a bullet :-P.

MAC Chilli Lipstick Review shade+mac lipstick swatches

  • Fragrance:trademark Vanilla smell, I wonder why I hate Vanilla fragrance otherwise but I love my MAC lipsticks’ fragrance.
  • Finish:My personal favorite finish for Red lipsticks is Matte and this lipstick fills the bill perfectly. This is a matte finish MAC lipstick. Not overly matte that you may feel your lips tearing apart, just perfect(Madhuri’s style in JhalakDikhlaJa).

MAC Chilli Lipstick Swatches:-

MAC Chilli Lipstick Review hand swatch+mac lipstick

  • Staying Power: I know it is hard to believe but it does stay for good 4-5 hours easily. And when blotted and reapplied, it can stay for good 7-8 hours too. A red lipstick which stays for good 6 hours and is matte and smells like Vanilla and is MAC, sounds good??? Wait there is more to come ;).
  • Pigmentation:If you think the above ratings are hard to believe, try this – the pigmentation of this lipstick is a killer! Just a swipe and get the gorgeous shade on your lips.

MAC Chilli Lipstick Review lip swatch+mac lip

  • Shade: The bullet may not appear that orangish but the swatches will make it clear that the lipstick leans to Orange, which makes it perfect for Day wear too. If you love Reds for Day outs too that is. It looks like a burnt orange without a lip pencil and red with a red lip pencil.

Too good to be true? I know, I was hunting for a perfect Burnt Orange lipstick for my Mehendi outfit and this came as a savior, not entirely Orange, not entirely Red, definitely not Brown(which I thoroughly hate.) it was a perfect two in one lipstick for me as I love Orange, Red and Orangish Red lipsticks a lot!

What I like about mac Chilli Lipstick:-

  • A unique shade, can look Burnt orange and Red as per the combination with the lip pencil.
  • Staying power is great
  • Pigmentation is good too
  • Matte finish
  • Not drying if the lips are properly moisturized before applying this
  • Packaging is good and sturdy
  • Nice fragrance

What I do not like about mac Chilli Lipstick:-

  • I did not find any to be honest.

I will not claim that this shade will suit everyone as lipsticks should be bought after trying on and especially when you are spending 1K on it. But yes, it will look great on medium and fair skinned beauties. I am not saying it will not suit Dusky beauties, but you may need to try it once in the store before buying. I hope you too love this as much as I do :-).

Luv u!

 Have you tried MAC Chilli Lipstick ?

Edit- Anamika love the shade too and this is how it looks on her

mac chilli lip swatch


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  1. Whether i get any shade or not I will surely get this shade, your swatches have tempted me a lot! It looks amazing on u! :yes: :inlove: :lipstick:

  2. Good to have u back Shivi :hug-makeup: Like u mentioned, the color in the bullet looks boring but its hawt on ur lips. Congrats on ur wedding :-))

    • Yeps..dats wot makes it so spl…I wish I had d guts t wear such bold ColorS…somehow I feel too conscious wearing reds unless they r sheer..

  3. what a beauty…mesmerizing!!! Iam talkin about the girl in the last pic and not about the shade. Although it is beautiful but the face of the girl whose name is Ana is making it look more beautiful..:-* and those eyes….


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