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Hi everyone,

I am sure the above title has everybody wondering just how good it is. Well girls, let me warn you.. this is gonna be a rave..I just cannot find any fault with this beauty.For me one very important step of skin care is proper makeup removal. When you wear sunscreen, foundation, powder, blush all together.. it is hard to get it all off properly with just a face wash and the normal eye n lip makeup removers don’t remove face makeup.


MAC Cleanse Off Oil Review+makeup remover


So what is a girl to do?

Answer: Invest in one product that takes off all the makeup without the use of cotton pads !

Price: Rs.1500 for 150 ml (i don’t consider it expensive. You will soon see why)



MAC Cleanse Off Oil Review Ingredients+makeup removers

MAC Cleanse Off Oil Review Usage+oil makeup remover


My experience with MAC Cleanse Off Oil:-


Mac Cleanse off oil is an extremely easy to use makeup remover. Take one pump of oil in your dry palms and smoothen and massage it over your face, eyes and lips. I actually see the entire make up melt off and the best part is this is a oil based product which emulsifies into a milky residue at first when you rinse and finally rinses clean leaving no residue behind, just clean makeup free skin which is ready for the army of night products. I always use a face wash after this, but it is not required just like to make sure everything is off.


MAC Cleanse Off Oil Review pump dispenser+cleansing oil


The packaging is plastic transparent bottles with a lockable pump. I have carried this bottle on many of my travels and so far I am yet to see a leak, obviously when the pump is in the locked position. The transparent bottle gives a clear indication of how much product is left.

Now comes, the exciting part: Why I don’t consider it expensive

A Maybelline eye and lip make up remover costs RS 215 plus u need to invest in a face makeup remover if you wear face makeup on a daily basis. For me, The Maybelline remover lasts about a month and add to that the cost of a face makeup remover: so 215 +200×12=equals to almost 4000 per year. Now to give u an idea of how long this bottle lasts: I bought my first bottle in Dec 2011 and second bottle in Aug 2012 and a few days back i purchased the third bottle. So you know a little goes a long way and this bottle will last you for a while and also you would end up saving money in the long run

Have a look at the makeup removal pics. In the first pic I have swatched long stay makeup products. In the second pic I have just smoother the oil all over the hand and the third pic shows how my hand looks after rinsing with water


MAC Cleanse Off Oil Review Color swatches+cleanse oil

MAC Cleanse Off Oil Review product used+make up remover

MAC Cleanse Off Oil Review swatches cleansed+eye makeup remover


You can see there is not a trace of makeup in the last pic.


What i like about MAC Cleanse Off Oil:-


  • Everything right from packaging to texture to removal properties
  • In spite of it being an oil based product, it does not leave an oily residue and did not break me out


What I dont like about MAC Cleanse Off Oil:-


I love it..

My rating: 5/5



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Have you tried MAC Cleanse Off Oil ?


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  1. Looks promising. U will also like Sephora Cleanser which comes with A challis and 1/2 the price. But this is avavailable

  2. superb review..
    it seems like a superb investment. :yes:
    can it b used to remove eye makeup too or it is just for face makeup removal?? ?:-)

  3. This is something anyone would wanna have regardless of the fact whether they wear makeup or not. Cause it gently cleans the skin it seems. Loved the review. IS it available in Indian MAC stores ? By the way when you mentioned that one bottle lasted you 8 months – how frequently did you use it ?

  4. Me too vineetha.. I did move to something else in between but then i realised i was using up a bottle a month.. So bk to this!

  5. superb review :yes: itni tareefein 😯 Must have it is and omg it lasted 8 months inspite of regular use??? It’s gonna last my for life :laugh:

  6. Y dint I meet u earlier shwe??u cud hav told me bout this…m gona check this out when I go t d store next…whenever that happens!


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