MAC Club Eyeshadow Review & Swatches & Some Layering


Hey everyone!

We all love MAC thats for sure!The eyeshadow that I am going to talk about today is one of the reasons that MAC is such a hot fav!I would say MAC Club eyeshadow is a an absolute  must have in your make up kitty!Why? Read on


MAC Eye Shadow + Shade + Club


The colour is just so unique!I think inglot has similar colour in loose pigment form but I am not very very sure.Its a duo chrome eyeshadow  of olive green and reddish brown .When blended out it actually looks like you are wearing two eyeshadows but actually its just one .!

Now this eyeshadow lends itself differently to different bases.When layered over a black base the green comes out beautifully and when layered on a neutral base like Bad to the Bronze color tattoo or Indianwood paint pot, the brown in it pops out more! So many variations for the price of one eyeshadow..I would say not bad at all!:)


MAC Eye Shadow + Shade + Club

The texture is buttery soft and blends like a dream.It has a great sheen and is perfect for wearing it without a primer as well as there is virtually no fallout.Like all MAC shadows this one also is densely pigmented and has great staying power.Its actually a dream to use.I would say that the price of rs 720 for a refill justifies the quality and the colour of this eyeshadow so i would not call it expensive at all!


The closest dupe of this shadow is


also from MAC(the world is unfair..I know) and its the Blue Brown loose pigment.


Price:720 for a refill and 980 for a full pan.


Below are pics of how this shadow looks on two diff bases and also swatched on its own.

Below :the shadow is layered over a black base.

MAC Club Eyeshadow Swatch:-


MAC Eye Shadow + Shade + Club.+ Swatch + Black base


Below:THe shadow is layered over a neutral shimmery base like MAC Indianwood paint pot


MAC Eye Shadow + Shade + Club.+ Swatch + Indianwood Base




MAC Club swatched on bare skin :

MAC Eye Shadow + Shade + Club + Swatch


SO you see:on different bases the colour completely transforms and this is what makes it a must buy for me!

No eotd as i Really suck at taking pics of my eyes and hubby is outta town:(

Lets get to the pros and cons:


Pros:MAC Club eyeshadow :-


  • Unique color
  • Great buttery texture
  • One eyeshadow which looks very different on a dark and a light base
  • Since its a duochrome ,when blended out it gives the effect of two diff shadows blended together
  • Great pigmentation
  • Awesome staying power


Cons:MAC Club eyeshadow

  • None ,I adore it!!


Rating -  5/5

Have you tried MAC Club Eyeshadow?


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