MAC Crème blend Blush in Posey Review And Swatches


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About two weeks back I had gone clothes shopping. But as it was the last leg of the sale season, I just couldn’t find anything at all. Disappointed, I went to MAC.I was wanting to get a blush as I did not like the empty spaces in my pallet. These days, I have been getting drawn to crème blushes and I asked the MUA about tea petal as I had really liked it in Zee’s haul post. However, I opted to get Posey as it suited me better. Read on to know what i feel about it. Please excuse the texturisation on the blush pan. I forgot to click pictures before i started using it… The dots are a result of me dipping my 188 brush into the pan.

MAC Crème blend Blush Posey Review pan+creme blush

  • Price: Rs.1050 for refill /1350 for pan. (I got the refill)

What MAC says about crème blend blushes?

A blush that manages to make a simple blush state-of-the-art. Creamy, easy to blend medium coverage formula imparts a natural finish that’s smooth, dewy-fresh, long-lasting.

My take on MAC Crème blend Blush in Posey:-

I simply love this blush .It is just the perfect combination of peach and pink I have been looking for.I used to shy away from creme blushes as I have combination skin ,but after trying MAC creme blend I am sold!

The color: MAC describes posey as warm peach .The description of the color is quite accurate. The color is a perfect blend of pink and peach and is one which will suit all skin tones and all outfits. Very fair skin tones will need to apply with a light hand though. There is no shimmer or sparkle whatsoever but because it is a creme blush, it imparts a soft dewy look to the cheeks and instantly uplifts tired looking faces.

MAC Crème blend Blush Posey Review Shade+cream blush

The pigmentation: Like all MAC blushes, it is fabulous. It is easy to go overboard because it is highly pigmented, so start with little at a time. I use my trusted 188 duo fiber brush but I feel it delivers an equally great result when applied with fingers and blended well.

MAC Crème blend Blush Posey Review+mac blushes

Ease of application: This blush is very easy to use. It feels like butter, blends like a dream and the more u blend; the more it looks like it is a part of skin rather than makeup. This effect is something one cannot achieve with a powder blush. However, if you have open pores, make sure to use a primer and foundation because it can accentuate pores, courtesy it’s a creme based product. Oily skin people, sandwich it between foundation and powder to make it last longer.

MAC Crème blend Blush in Posey Swatches:-

MAC Crème blend Blush Posey Review hand swatch+cream blushes

  • Staying power: When used with foundation it stays for about 4-5 hours on me as I have skin that tends to greasy in the day as I live in Mumbai. However, without foundation or primer it looks a bit greasy and also wears off soon. But with normal or dry skinned beauties I see this blush staying on almost all day .The reason I say this is when i swatched it at the store and blended it, the swatch stayed on for a good 8 hours.

MAC Crème blend Blush Posey Review FOTD+mac makeup

Summing it up:

What I like about MAC Crème blend Blush in Posey:-

  • Beautiful color-a perfect combination of peach and pink
  • Will work across a variety of skin tones
  • Lovely texture
  • Highly pigmented
  • Good staying power
  • Has not broken me out, as creme based products usually break me out.

What I don’t  like about MAC Crème blend Blush in Posey:-

  • Expensive
  • Few MAC stores in India

My rating: 4/5

Have you tried MAC Crème blend Blush in Posey ?

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  1. MAC cream blush again…After seeing Zara’s post , here comes one from Shweta. :pain:
    You girls are making me sink deep into “Laalach” :drool: :drool: . God knows when I will get opportunity to visit MAC store. :-/ :-/
    Its looking fab on u Shweta :inlove: . U too have flawless skin yaa, whats ur skin regime? ?:-) ?

  2. i would suggest wear it between ur foundation n powder… however it does slip off i i apply it over face n body foundation…

  3. yahan pe toh sometimes u have to wait in mac… mua kam log jyada hote hain.. esp the one in malad.. its in a popular mall na


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