Mac Cremesheen Lipstick in Crème In Your Coffee Review & Swatches


Mac Cremesheen Lipstick in Crème In Your Coffee


This is my first Mac lippie review here and I would have liked to say that I’m super-duper-uper thrilled 😛 but the truth is that I got a bunch of stuff that I’ve been longing for, including the gorgeous Bourjois lippie I reviewed here,  that the excitement got a bit lost somewhere. :blush: Another reason could be the fact that this was not my initial purchase. I originally bought another one, paid for it, got to my car and then realized that it expires within 3 months! :pain: My first Mac lippie expiring so soon?? Nahiiiiii! (palm overturned on forehead Bollywood-style) :pain: I rushed back and got this one instead. :shy:


 mac creme in your coffee


Quantity:  3gms

Price: INR 990

Shelf life: 3 years from mfg date



mac creme in your coffee ingredients


Packaging: Comes in standard Mac packaging comprising of a sturdy, black, shimmery plastic case with a brushed steel interior. It easily withstands a fall (or many falls for that matter 😀 ). Yep…tried & tested! :nerd: The twist-up mechanism is super-smooth and unlike most other lipsticks I’ve used. The lid shuts tight with a satisfying click. Don’t know why but I LOVE that sound! I mean, it’s a very soft click that’s like melody to my ears. :cute: Believe it or not, the one and only thing that kept me away from Mac for this long is the boring packaging. But there’s something so alluring about the whole feel of this classy packaging that I now totally understand why makeup-o-holics can’t get enough of it! :heart:


mac creme in coffee


Shade description: Mac describes Crème in your Coffee as “a creamy, mid-tone Pink-Brown”. When you hear the name, you’d expect this to be something of a creamy brown but it is certainly more pink than brown, so much so that I feel it should be renamed 😛 In fact, to my eyes it’s a warm, plummyy pink with hardly any brown undertones.

What I lurrrrve most about this shade is that it appears a tad vibrant upon application but within a few seconds, magically transforms into a lighter, almost MLBB shade. :heart: No kidding! At first, I thought I was imagining it. :silly: I’ve been wearing this for nearly 4 months now and I can tell for sure that it really does lighten up. Now this is awesome news for me since literally EVERY shade out there deepens or darkens on my lips and some even turn neon after a while due to my body heat :pain: Yea, that HOT I am :beauty: :laugh: But this is the one lippie that has ever turned “lighter” upon application. Total Love! :yippee:


mac lipstick cremeinyourcoffee


Fragrance: It has the trademark Mac vanilla fragrance that’s not too overpowering. I’m not a vanilla fan and I was very apprehensive if this would make me nauseous like the way Chambor lippies do. :sick: But I’m super glad that it’s mild and very tolerable for sensitive-noses like mine. :dance-left-right:

Texture & Finish: It glides without tugging even on dry lips. :yes: I wouldn’t really call it  buttery-smooth as such, nevertheless it does not drag while applying. It goes on creamy and stays mildly glossy even if lips “feel” parched. It does not settle into fine lines or accentuate dry patches inspite of being so creamy. It does transfer a bit owing to the glossy finish but doesn’t completely slide off, so nothing much to complain about.


mac creme in your coffee swatch


Pigmentation: It is beautifully pigmented and gives near-opaque coverage in a single swipe. It has medium to full coverage and will easily hide lip discoloration.

Staying power: Owing to the fact that this is more MLBB kinds, it is difficult to ascertain the staying power. :-/ After a while, it begins looking so natural that I can’t quite figure out if I have color on or not. I’d say it stays for about 4 hours. The lasting power is lesser if the color is worn in just a single swipe but holds better when applied in 2 swipes or more.


mac creme in your coffee lipswatch


What I like about Mac Cremesheen Lipstick in Crème In Your Coffee:-


  • Classy, sturdy, travel-friendly packaging.
  • Beautiful neutral shade that will suit an array of skin tones
  • Particularly flattering on Indian skin tone and will prove to be an MLBB shade for many
  • Glides smoothly even on dry lips. Does not require a lip balm underneath.
  • Does not settle into fine lines or highlight dry patches
  • Creamy, glossy, luscious-looking finish
  • Stays put for about 4 hours
  • Mild vanilla fragrance that is not bothersome
  • Does not stain badly and is easy to remove

What don’t I like about Mac Cremesheen Lipstick in Crème In Your Coffee:

  • Availability in India. Mac products are available only in few outlets in select cities plus they do not sell online :struggle:
  • No shade-indicator or color-coded label on the packaging, So if you own more than one of these, you’ll have to squint at the tiny print at the bottom of the case to locate the shade of your choice
  • I personally feel the name doesn’t go well with the shade 😛 I’d expect to see something way more brown.

Rating: 4.9/5

My lips are quite pale and devoid of color. You can see below how this shade gives me natural-looking rosy lips while easily covering my pigmented upper lip.

Final thoughts: Crème In Your Coffee is a neutral, warm pink shade will suit just about ANYONE! This is a bang-on MLBB shade for dusky skintones and for those with medium skintone suffering from lip pigmentation. This’ll appear a tad more plummy on fair skin but nevertheless very office-appropriate. :yes: The formula is amazing and I particularly love that it does not settle into fine lines or cling to dry patches despite being creamy. I truly believe this is one of those shades that you simply cannot go wrong with! :lipstick:

Have you tried Mac Cremesheen Lipstick in Crème In Your Coffee ?

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  1. Don’t know why but I LOVE that sound! I mean, it’s a very soft click that’s like melody to my ears.> Ahaha! You Are Just So Cute, Isa! 😀

    I Loved the Shade n Loved Your Pics.. It’s the Same With Me,Shades Start To Turn Deeper on Me :-s .. I Too Find The Packaging Very Boring For The Price.. But Now You Have Tempted Me Again 😛

    • U too Heens?? Then you’ll surely love this one! 🙂 N believe me..this packaging is addictive for some reason. It’s like they put a love-spell on it :heart: N hehe I really can;t get enough of that click :cute:

  2. Ooooh! Welcome to the mac bandwagon! I hardly buy anything besides mac n maybelline! I love mac lippies! This shade is fab! N naffy– detailed review as always! How u been?

    • Thank you sooo much sweets :shy: Ure of those I’d blame for this addciction. 😉 Love u for it :hug-makeup: But hate it when I see the bill :struggle:

    • Thanks Sofi 🙂 Shade-wise it’s quite similar but this is not at all as drying as toffee nexus. Plus, this has a bit more pink than toffee nexus

  3. A very pretty nude it is.. It has been such a long time I visited MAC.. Would raid Mac soon.. 😉 I love your write up always.. 🙂

  4. Such a lovely shade it is.. And your are right it tends to look more on pinker side under sunlight than brown.. :struggle: wonders why! besides Naf. Love reading your reviews dear :yes: :))


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