MAC Cremesheen Party Line Vs MAC Hot Tahiti Lipstick


As it’s the festive season and I am doing what I do most of the time – Applying lipstick, checking and swatching them, clicking pictures and checking  them again but it is little different when K is around .I think slowly Anvika(my baby) is also joining him. She keeps giving me weird expressions when she sees me clicking  myself or products all the time.K was surprised to see that I got same looking lipstick that too from MAC :p.Well ! Men  can never understand what it exactly is the difference EVER! I believe 😀

Anyway moving ahead! I had to show you people how different MAC Party line is from MAC Hot Tahiti.


  • Price – INR 980 each


MAC Hot tahiti Vs MAC Party line


MAC Party line is on the sheer side of Hot tahiti where pigmentation of PL(Party line) can definitely be built up.Thing with Hot tahiti is it looks like as if its your own lips which have started looking hot suddenly ;)It’s a soft creamy reddish brown with a dash of pink in it.I know i have  defined it too much but once you look at the swatch you will have an idea what I am talking about.


MAC Party line Vs MAC Tahiti Lipstick+BEST SOFT RED LIPSTICK


Staying power of Tahiti is better than Party line and both shades can be picked by those who have pigmented  lips.Both lipsticks are not drying but I particularly use Party line with a lip liner.

Hot Tahiti gives the plumping effect to my lips where as PL photographs bright is less creamy. On fair skin tone MAC Hot tahiti will be pinker where as Party line will be more berry .


Soft red MAC HOt tahiti Vs MAC Party line lipstick


Above all are the differences which I can think right now. If you have anything in particular to ask me then I am always available in the comment section 🙂


P.S – Hope you guys are having awesome Diwali.It’s my first Diwali with my baby and I am trying my best to make it memorable 🙂

Which one do you like  more ? Party line Or Hot Tahiti ?


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    • she is just giving surprised reactions..that is it 😛 and just when we decided to burn one small cracker for her she went to sleep 😛

  1. Aarushi loves it when I dress up and click pictures…she smiles and starts posing too 🙂 I love both of these lippies they r both diffrent and worth buying

      • I want to buy them all Ana! Everything I lay my eyes on 😛 Ruby woo was very very bold =D I don’t think I have that confidence to carry off such a bright and bold red 😛 I think buying ruby woo will take time.
        Hot tahiti is on the hit list now 😉

  2. I just ran out of my all-time favourite Mac ‘Hug Me’ and have been on the look out for a worthy replacement (kinda bored of the ‘safe’ nude shade). With the festive season on, I think Hot Tahiti would fit the bill perfectly! Thanks for the review!

    Oh and where are my manners? I am a newbie in blogosphere and I really like this blog. Barely a week into blogging and I’m starting to realize blogging is hard work! So hats off to you and all the others who post here on a regular basis! Keep it up guys! 🙂

    • Hi Shy girl!

      welcome to WISESHE. 🙂 One week to blogging ..awesome ! hope u make lots of good friends with like minded people 🙂

  3. Hey Ana!

    Well I’m ginger and I have fair skin (alabaster in Bobbi Brown) And I want natural flush on lips like plum color of course and if I go party I use it much darker in one lipstick 🙂 I have dry lips and freckles 🙂 I now hot tahiti is much more reddish side and dark in my opinion how is party line? Which one is darker? and which one has plum in it? Thank you so much!

    loves xo


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