MAC Electric Eel Eyeshadow Review & Swatches


MAC Electric Eel is another addition  in  my MAC Stash which I am trying to build.Electric eel is a bright blue and to be little  precise is a dodger blue color.


MAC Electric Eel Review

Price INR 680 for a re fill

It nicely pigmented and a bright colour by looking at it I feel like doing a peacocky  look on my eyes 😛

MAC Electric Eel Swatches


I am a person who like to wear bright colours and I feel it is a great colour to be used on outer V while going out in  a party :)Colour does give teal colour hint but it might be because I was trying to study it deeply 😛


MAC Electric Eel Dupe


Swatches of MAC Electric Eel.It is completely matte and has minimum of fall.


MAC Electric Eel Eyeshadow Swatches


I love using it as an eyeliner and blending the colour is super easy :)One can use it without primer and it gives satisfactory colour  pay out .I wont say it has the best colour pay off but certianly not disappointing too.

Some of the looks which I am thinking of with Eel eyeshadow are:-

1.Pairing it with a silver eyeshadow or any highlighter.

2.Pairing it with Lakme shadow artist shimmer blue or glimmer green

3. Smokey eyes as obvious 😛

Have you used MAC Electric Eel?How would you like to pair it ?

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  1. waaoow.. nice color..!! i will never dare to buy this one or use this one.. may be caz m still a newbie to the world of colors! hahaha 😛

  2. I have this colour..yeyeye…

    I would have paired it with a purple all over lid and then this blue to the outer 1/4…

    Even pink for the inside and blue outer will look good..but you need darker blue..i did something similar…pink and blue..will send u the pic wait

  3. Yes they have those glitter stacks too..and i asked them if they have any offer, the girl said next month they’l get some offers. She claimed their lipstick would last for 12-15 hours, not sure if thats true.

      • I’m not such a fan of using similar colored eyeshadows on light eyes – they tend to get overwhelmed.. Like green on me is a really bad idea.. My eyes get lost in a sea of green, I wld rather use a complimentary bright eye shadow like Orange on blue eyes to make them pop & look colorful.. But that is just my theory. In a good MUA hands, even blue ES wld look amazing on Blue eyes 🙂

        • i remember seeing a girl who had blue eyes and was wearing blue eyeliner which loooked fab on her..i will keep this suggestion of yours in mind:)

  4. Anu…from now stop making puppy face, start making peacocky face 😉

    by the way, see me blog post and let me know whether all pics are visible or not coz it is not visible to me :-(( :-(( it says image not found 😕

  5. nice shade..i think this wud also luk nice coupled with purple..maybe Marvel..not sure..I just have this pic in my head with a blue n purple shade combined..Try it na pls?

    I do hope my comments get thru tday..Even yesterday was having loads of probs..Don’t know y, but my comments don’t seem to be going thru.. 🙁 🙁

    • yur comment r very well here Zara…i am working on the tehcnanical issues hopefully this time we will nail it 🙂

  6. anamika…this is a crazy shade…..but very vibrant.. and beautiful…..i want to see how u use it as a liner…


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