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I am sure as much as you liked and appreciated MAC Pearl glide liner reviews you will enjoy the kohl’s I will be sharing from now on, I just own few and absolutely adore them. I will be starting with my favourite amongst the lot – MAC BLOOZ KOHL.


mac blooz kohl


Size – 1.36 gm, Price 1100/- INR, Available at MAC stores across India.You can get it here.

My experience with MAC Eye Kohl Blooz :

Shade – MAC BLOOZ is described as Intense Blue with Blue Shimmer, it is dark navy blue liner with sure soft bluish pearly sheen to it. It is not flat matte and has a subtle satiny sheen to it which is noticeable in swatch as well. The issue with navy liners is; they hardly show on my skin tone but this being an exception looks absolutely noticeable and very wearable even in day time.


mac eye kohl blooz review


Texture – It has nice creamy texture; not too hard nor overly soft, very good and easy to layer on waterline or on lash line, it can be used as base for many eye shadows and will not hurt your eyes even if you use them all over lids. This kohl’s never sting my eyes or trouble them, very safe to use even on sensitive eyes.

Pigmentation – It did required a little layering but nevertheless it is gorgeously pigmented kohl and is opaque and looks bright enough on my olive skin tone .


mac blooz eyekohl swatch


Staying Power – As this is kohl you cannot expect 7 –  8 hrs of wear but still I get some 4 – 5 hrs of wear with this and then it migrates to lash line but not smudge a lot or make my eyes messy. A shade like this can be trouble at times if you are out in humid climate but these are pretty much okay and never spoils the look.

What I like about MAC Eye Kohl Blooz :

  • I love the navy blue shade with soft subtle blue sheen, neither flat nor flashy.
  • The way it makes my eyes looks more bright and white with this shade.
  • The size of these pencils is pretty good as compared to other kohl’s which weighs around 1.2 gm.
  • They are easy to sharpen; there is not much product wastage.
  • The ultra creamy texture; can be used easily without tugging or pulling my eyes.
  • They never sting my eyes no matter what nor do they smudge around a lot.

What I don’t like about MAC Eye Kohl Blooz :

  • I wish they stay little longer or somewhere close to MAC pearl glide liners


mac blooz eyelook


Ratings :4/5

I adore MAC kohl liners and this is one of the best navy blue shades I have come across, super creamy with decent amount of staying power. If you like colourful kohl’s then you must have a look MAC’s permanent line of kohl’s.

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