MAC Eyeshadow in Texture: Review & Swatches


Hi All,

I love neutral shadows..I admit it…Its my adiction and something that I just can’t get enough of. Neutrals are sooo easy to work with and I love wearing them to work. This MAC eyeshadow in Texture was recommended to me by the MUA at the store because I wanted a neutral brown which would be worn both on the lid and in the crease.  And true to her word this eyeshadow really has proved to be a versatile shade in my kitty πŸ™‚mac texture eyeshadow review+ mac

My take on MAC Eyeshadow in Texture:

  • Color: Texture is a velvet finish eyeshadow which can be described as a warm, medium brown color. It’s not as dark as Brown Script or as light as Moleskin. But it’s the perfect burnt caramel shade for me. Also on my skin, it has an orangey undertone which I haven’t come across in any other shade. Have any of you had a similar experience with this shade?mac texture eyeshadow review+ mac eyeshadow
  • Price: INR 720 for the refillmac texture eyeshadow review+ mac cosmetics
  • Pigmentation & Texture: The pigmentation is crazy as most velvet finishes from MAC are and is very soft. It does have a tiny bit of shimmer but nothing to worry about.mac texture eyeshadow review+ mac texture eyeshadow
  • Staying Power: This stays on my lids for the entire day, but the intensity starts decreasing within 4hrs or so.mac texture eyeshadow review+ mac eyeshadow swatch

There are always a certain set of shades I usually reach for while doing my eyes and Texture and Espresso top the list! T exture is just such a versatile shade and can be used in SOOO many ways. Here are some ways in which I use this:

  • I just use this as an all-over lid shade including the crease. Just make sure The shimmer in it brighten up my sleepy eyes and lends a nice soft look to my face.
  • I use MAC Arena over the inner half of my lid and then use Texture in the outer half and then in the crease as well. This is my Monday morning ‘Look-Awake’ eye look πŸ™‚
  • I use Texture over my lid and Espresso in the crease. This is a mindless look to achieve and quick to do. No thinking involved and yet you end up with an easy look to carry off.
  • I sometimes use a slanted brush and use it as a liner. Its a unique shade to use as a liner.
  • I use this in the crease while applying Pink Venus over the lid. Again, another quick, no-brainer look πŸ™‚mac texture eyeshadow review+ mac texture swatch

Swatch of MAC Eyeshadow in Texture:

mac texture eyeshadow review+ mac+ brown eyeshadow


What I like about MAC Eyeshadow in Texture:

  • The texture being velvet is soft and non shimmery.
  • Perfect to wear to work
  • Can be worn in SOOO many ways
  • Easy to use and I’d definitely recco it to beginner.
  • Hardly any fallout
  • Can be used lightly or layyered for a darker look
  • I personally love the orangey undertone that shows up on my skin.

I love this shade and I can’t find any downside to it. I use it the most to work and this has become my go-to shade for sure.

Ratings: 5/5

Have yo tried MAC Texture? What’s your opinion on it?

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      • welll i use the one from my LA Color eyeshadow palette…

        I enjoy neutrals too.. i used them as a base 1st n then go for colorful eye shadow! :-))

          • hmmm .. actually i find some ppl in my office wearing color es, but they just blend it so well that it looks beautiful on them .. so i dont think u’ll get fired .. try … experiment .. Common Zee !!!!

            • nahi re…the thing at my work place no1 wears makeup..including me there must be only about 5-6 gals….and that too we few gals wear neutrals..if we wear brighter shades it will become an issue…n m khud hi HR…meri to band baj jayegi..

                • Yess i agreee with A… mein toh aaj interview gayi thi….n guess wat i wore on my eyes.. sleek eyeshadow in blue and dark green ka combo.. just imagine…! πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

                    • seriouslyy yaaa!! i dono MUMBAI mein pay dene k liyee itnaa rote kyu hai sab?? i had 2 bad experiences MAJOR WALA.. Employers here suck bigtime! :reallypissed:

                    • haaa jabse i joined WS ..mera make up shopping budget alag and mere other shopping alag hote hai.. i have to actually put a budget limit..i hoard so much of make up every month! πŸ™„ :timeout:

                    • Areeeeeeeeee A.. thats the only problem naa.. its a costly life style but pay “peanuts” ..uparse bloody iinflation..travelling in rickshaw is a LUXURY here…. n on top of that…after asking like 5-6 rickwala’s u will get one rick wala who will agree to go ur destination!

                      RICKWALA’s are in a huge demand over here! :giggle: :sick:

                    • i know life is difficult in mumbai moreover with so much of traffic driving a car itself seems a tough task na.

                    • Guys over here buy 2-3 lakhs ka bike but dont get a car, coz the heavy traffic at working hrs is never ending. its a wise decision to take a 2 wheeler than a 4 wheeler…

                    • its the same with Blore also .. bikes, bikes, more bikes .. nahi toh ppl buy luxu cars like Audi, BMW, land rover and occupy the entire road .. arey i forgot .. yest i saw an orange Lambo near forum mall .. i stopped by gadi to drool at the car .. then the owner got out .. i was like F*** .. wat is HE doing driving this .. pardon me but he was ugly with tattoos all aver his body ..

                    • Arreeee Jan! its the same here.. The other day me n my guy went for a long drive …n there was this HUMMER which passed by our car.
                      My guy went head over heels over that HUMMER.. He is lyk ” Oh freakk baby…oh freakk baby…Oh freakkkkkkkkk Hummer”…n to chase that HUMMER he was running our HONDA CITY like an aeroplane to keep pace with it…n der was actually some ugly fella owning the car.. i was like kaise kaise logo ko miljaata hai yaar! :rotfl:

                    • i kno ya..b4 blore i neva knew how horrid traffic cud be…i remember the first day of work after comin t blore, i was just travelling from whitefield to itpl….just 15mins distance by a vehicle…but it took me 45-50mins!! i was shocked!

                    • u know i saw Hummer on road in mysore during my training and i freaked out .. god i love cars !!! whitefield is alwz blocked.. i think dats when ppl realize cars are a waste of time .. bike can just sneak thro small spaces and go .. !!!

                • eggjactly !!! common Zee .. i can only imagine how many guys will be :drool: over you if you wear that YSL red lippie .. Sigh!! πŸ˜€

  1. I went to buy soft brown but the SA suggested me this shade.According to her since I have dark circles soft brown being completely matte will not look good.I agree with her.This color is so pretty na

  2. MAC does not have a store here. Do you option of online purchase. And this is one is a refill right. And how much did you purchase it for.


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