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Most of you know I have a thing for purples…purple walls, purple flowers, and purple eyeshadows πŸ™‚ I’ve reviewed purple-plum eyeshadows in the past like MAC Sketch, MAC Cranberry, Coastal Scents Wisteria, Bourjois Extrait in 04…and today I’ll be reviewing the newest member of my Plum eyeshadow family called MAC Trax!

MAC Eyeshadow in Trax review

My take on MAC Eyeshadow in Trax:

  • Color: Trax is a velvet finish eyeshadow from MAC described as a burgundy plum with shimmer.MAC Eyeshadow in Trax review+mac plum eyeshadow

  • Pigmentation & Texture: The texture is soft no doubt and velvetty too, but the pigmentation is not very impressive..It takes a lot of work to bring out the true color onto the eyelid by which I mean multiple dips into the pan. Even atop a primer, it takes the same amount of work.

MAC Eyeshadow in Trax

  • Staying Power: This stays on my lids for about 6-7hrs easily.

MAC Eyeshadow in Trax review+mac trax eyeshadow

I want to say I only like this shade and not love it for the amount of work it takes, but I’d be lying if I said that coz once it’s on my lid in all its glory, I have absolutely no complaint against it. It does take some work which I hadn’t expected..When I swatch it on my fingers the color looks wonderful, but it doesn’t transfer onto my lid that easily and I’m left with a stained finger! It fair a  tiny bit better on my lids though…

MAC Eyeshadow in Trax review+mac trax

It’s a gorgeous plum with copper-gold shimmers which looks absolutely beautiful. Some may like to use it as an over all lid shade but I prefer using it in the crease or right above a darker crease shade to create an golden-plum hue. It just makes the entire look more magical somehow.

MAC Eyeshadow in Trax review+mac trax swatch

I wouldnot say this is a must have unless you’re plum crazy like I am but if you don’t mind the extra work, then I’d say go for it! πŸ™‚

MAC Eyeshadow Trax Swatch:-

MAC Eyeshadow in Trax swatch+mac trax eyeshadow

What I like about MAC Eyeshadow in Trax:

  • Looks superb when used in a look
  • Looks almost magical
  • Velvet finish and doesnt make the eye look dry like some matte shadows
  • No fallout
  • Staying power is perfect

MAC Eyeshadow in Trax review+mac trax eyeshadow swatch

What I don’t like about MAC Eyeshadow in Trax:

  • Needs to be layered on multiple times to be visible

Ratings:  3.5/5

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What do you think of MAC Trax? Have you tried it out?

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