MAC Fluidline Eyeliner Gel Waveline Review & Swatches


MAC Fluidline gel liner in Waveline: Review, Swatches


Gel and cream liners have been quite the rage for some time now. All throughout my college years I had used liquid liners and pencil ones kinda rarely. So when gel liners came onto the scene I was quite fascinated with how they were to be applied. So earlier in the year on one of my rare trips to MAC, I picked this up. I’d heard alot about MAC fluidlines but didn’t want a black or brown since I wanted to try a different shade. The minute I saw this I knew this was the one for me. :))


MAC Waveline Fluidline

Product Claim:


Ultra-smooth, Fluidline’s gel formula provides the precision of a liquid liner with a silkier, softer finish. Goes on “foolproof” with a brush in an easy dip-and-stroke action. Long-wearing. Smudge-proof.


  • Price:$15 or 950 INR
  • Quantity:3gms



MAC Fluidline Waveline

My take on MAC Fluidline gel liner in Waveline:


  • Packaging:This comes in a thick, hard bottomed glass dibbi with a dome shaped screw top lid. The brand is emblazoned on the surface of the pot and the base has the shade name as well as the quantity and make details. This doesn’t come with a brush which is a tad bit disappointing since I feel for the price we shell out for them, the least they could do is provide a tiny brush atleast. I know I may sound a bit kanjoos here, but what’s a gal to do?? 😉



MAC Waveline packaging


  • Color: This shade can best be described as a dark inky blue shade. It looks highly glossy on application but after it settles in and dries, it looks completely matte.
  • Pigmentation & Texture: This liner is not the best in terms of pigmentation. At the store when I swatched the other fluidlines, I felt like they were better since a single swipe did the trick. Waveline is densely pigmented surely but not as well as the others. I always need 2 dips in the pot to get the required denseness I like. In terms of texture its extremely soft and smooth.


MAC Waveline


  • Staying Power: This liner stays put for ages. I’ve worn this thru the day and it doesn’t smudge, crease or fade at all.

A lot of people have mentioned that gel liners tend to dry up soon but Its been almost a year since I’ve had this and it hasn’t dried by a longshot. And even when it does, I have the ever handy duraline to help me out 🙂

MAC Waveline_swatch+MAC fluidline Waveline Swatches





Why I love MAC Fluidline gel liner in Waveline:


  • Soft texture and glides easily on the lids.
  • Staying power is commendable.
  • Great for daily use.
  • Perfect for Brown eyes.
  • Packaging is sleek and perfect for travel.
  • Color payoff is awesome.
  • I wonder wether this will ever get over!
  • These truly are smudge proof 🙂 Tried and tested in the rain 🙂


MAC Waveline on eye2

Why I don’t like MAC Fluidline gel liner in Waveline


  • Pretty pricey for 3gms of product.
  • Pigmentation is not as good as the other fluidlines I’ve swatched. But honestly, I don’t think this point would have come up had I not swatched the others.



  • Pigmentation: 4.5/5
  • Staying Power: 5/5
  • Packaging: 5/5
  • Availability: 4/5
  • Price vs. Quality: 4.5/5


And finally guys, I just wanted to show you a sample of the fake MAC Fluidline doing the rounds in the markets…Pls take a look, understand the differences and avoid getting cheated like I was….


MAC Fluidline fake


Hope this helps…:)


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    • Gud morning Poorni! how u doin???

      yeps..i like this shade alot…its a nice dark blue and can be used on a majority of outfits too 🙂 u like gel liners..

        • awww…gel liners do deserve alotta love..ive loved using them ever since I got them 🙂 And i like how dark this is…such dark blues r gr8 for work wear also na…

          Inglot does have a blue shade…but i don’t recall the number…once i go back to my room at night then ii check it out…yahaan ffice me the site doesn’t open anymore…

    • Hi Mitha, gud morning…how u doin tday? pata hai, yesterday i gave ur microwave cake recipe to another colleague..she was also so happy to get a desert recipe for which an oven wasnt required 🙂

      Yeps…the last onbe is a fake i got long back when i dint know the M of MAC 😉

        • i have made it….TWICE!!! i loved it so much! once i had with vanilla ice cream and choco sauce and te other time i had with frooty wala icecream :)) thanx so much…i actually made in the mug only lik eu suggested…and i was amazed at how soft it turned out…and when rose i was so in awe of it..i was looking thru the microwave for like the entire 1.30 mins!

  1. Hey Zeee… GM 🙂
    Love love love love the way you have applied it… damn i need to master the winged liner I say 😀 😀 :lashes: :lashes:
    Nice color.. I have almost the same shade in Inglot.. love it love it :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
    I am a sucker for gel liners these days 😀 Blame Ana for that 😉

    • GM Mals 🙂 🙂

      Thanks so much…i luv applying it this way..and now m so used to it…and its easier with the bent brush u kno…the wing comes almost automatically…

      review the inglot blue wala na pls…wana see it 🙂

      haha! yes! lets blame A…and now to feed the craze she has created she shud send us all free gel liners! 😉

      • Shade 83 Ana!! I know you’ll kill me… I’ll send you the snap soooooon 😀 :struggle: :curse:
        Hey Ana.. is it cheaper to buy from the Inglot store rather than majorbrands kya?
        I sooooooooooooooo want that pigment of yours 😀

        • Mals i think u should wait for the sale again..i want to buy inglot more but i wont buy until and unless i get 30% discount which store will never give.

          • true…its not worth it at the original price..before the sale i wud have thoughtof buying it but after the sale i just cant bring myself to get it…doesnt seem worth anymore….ill pakka wait fr the discount too…

    • thanx Paddy! ul learn it soon..just keep practising..thats the only thing that helps 🙂 🙂

      I think i paid like 250 or 350 for the dupe. It did work but again it isn’t MAC…the forlua is too thick..thicker than cream iners also and it dries up within 3 months..and it flakes after 3-4 hrs of wearing…..i just kept this for so long because i wanted to show this to everyone to make them aware…

  2. this is soooooo pretty Zara 😀 😀 ….. i loveddd the color and so beautiful liner i must say :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

    • it is na Swats? its a fab shade and perfect for daily wear which is the reason i like it so much…

      winged liner is not hard to do re…just a tiny bit of practice…m currently trying to learn t use 2 shades of liners on my lids 🙂

      • 2 shades of liners :O How?? Using the Physician’s formula wala liner??? (I remember the pack had some suggestion like that rt??!!)
        Wow… would love to see how it looks Zee… post na some pics… or we can always make Ana or Oops teach us 😀 😀

        • haan…2 shades can b used….and not wid just the physicians formula ones…can be done with others also..ive tried doing it with waveline and the black one from lakme but i am still trying to make it look pretty 🙂

    • Saima for beginners u can try the Maybelline gel liner..its available at any drugstore in black and brown….its nicely pigmented and one of the best to begin with.

        • i saw it at shoppers stop in fact…i also got so happy thinking that they have launched all shades now and asked them for the purple one…then they told me that only black and brown is gona b launched in india… not the other shades.. 🙁 so unfair..

  3. It looks really nice zara! I like how you have applied it as well. :D.. The new Mac Me Up collection has quite a few gel liners.. you looking to get any? i was thinking of getting Dark Envy – the forest green one 😀

  4. hey this looks awesome on you..the tute wud be very useful.

    I was very tempted to buy the gel liner (the black one though) when i visted the MAC store last week but ended up picking the prep+prime powder instead since I had to finish the maybelline gel eyeliner. :pain: and i have such a long ways to go before i finish the Maybelline one :wallbash: :wallbash:

  5. Lovely color…
    U know what, on sunday I was roaming on FC road.. I found lot of bheed on one of the thela.. Was curious to see what is it.. MAC cosmetics, they were selling, raste pe… I was so laughing!!! N gals were like, bhaiya, apke pas foundation hai kya MAC ka na all.. 😀

    • :rotfl: i can imagine. I have been guilty of the same. Inspite of knowing that it was a fake i still picked up a MAC eyeliner few months ago but chickened out and never used it. 🙂

    • haha! exactly..even i saw them on FC road and was like whoa! and best of all they had so many limited edition products of MAC! i was thinking that as it is in MAC stores it goes outta stock and here all the roadside sellers have so much stock of it! Ridiculous!! hehe…

      i can understand college als gettin taken in by this but ive even seen working gals and older women buying them…was so shocked..

      • u know even i’ve seen fake MAC getting sold at local stations here in mumbai. :yawn: :yawn: :yawn: its just sad looking at ppl buying thm…..i mean i will not hv a MAC thts ok. bt at least i won’t have a fake MAC with i don’t know wht ingredients inside :idk:

          • i know… u know how things r college mein. i don’t think they even think abt the ingredients n all. They all must be like i hv MAC ka this n that. us time pe toh quantity matters na jyada…na ke quality… :rotfl: :rotfl: thnk god i was not aware of all these brands n was happy with my lakme stuff 😛

            • yeps…even i dont mind when i see coll gals buying it coz i kno its just a phase…but when elder ladies buy it, its then that i feel bad…coz atleast when ur tyoung and use this kinda stuff, u have time to help ur skin recuperate later in life…but if u use such thing when ur a bit older then ur spoiling ur skin such that theres no going back…

                • hey totally agree ya. infact forget fake, genuine ones also break our skin out and have adverse effects. its simply too precious to experiment with our skin. and things like eyes especially, buy a good one cos these last really long.

                  my husband got me a Georgio Armani eyeshadow in a coppery gold shade from UK. I hardly ever use eyeshadows. wonder whatever came over him to buy me eyeshadow 🙂 now I am trying to find an occasion to wear it. cant wear it to work so maybe New years!!!!!


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