Mac Frost Lipstick New York Apple Review & Swatches


Mac Frost Lipstick New York Apple


How many of you like frost shades on your lips? To be honest I am not a fan of frost because somehow I feel that they do not compliment my complexion. The funny part is they look good on me when I have stayed indoors for a month or so and my tan has got completely removed. But once I restart my regular outdoor routine under the exterme sun ,no matter what I use I get tanned over a period of few months. Jokes apart this is a continuous cycle and these days I am loving a frosty shade from Mac for the same reason. Keep reading to explore the shade which I have rarely seen other brands.


Mac Frost Lipstick New York Apple


Price: 990 INR

My experience with Mac Frost Lipstick New York Apple:

Smell and packaging: This particular lipstick has a yummy vanilla fragrance. The packaging is the signature black lipstick case packaging which does not get boring no matter how many Mac lipsticks a woman owns.

Shade: The shade New York apple is a beautiful frosty pink based red shade. The red used is so subtle and light that it can be worn everyday. I mean itÒ€ℒs a great one to be adorned at workplace, college, casual outings anytime anywhere. Girls are suggested to go for light make up on their first date and this suits the bill perfectly. Although it has that metallic touch yet its not loud at all. Women of all ages, having light to medium complexion can try this. If someone wants to do makeup to draw attention away from lips and attract it on other facial features, this can be a great option for that too.


Mac Lipstick New York Apple


Texture and Pigmentation: The texture of this lipstick is a creamy yet not slippery which makes the colour stay. The shine it imparts lights up the whole face. Infact it gives that shiny finish which usually make up experts create using a metallic eye shadow on the centre of the lips. Not just a great texture but also this lipstick has a good moisturizing formula and its extremely light on lips.

The pigmentation of this lipstick is in between medium and buildable. It can conceal pigmented and dark lips to some extent too. Once worn it survives light meals in between and remains intact for long. The color does not bleed and the best part is that it does not settle in between lines. Infact it conditions lips and makes them look fuller. The lip swatch is showing the maximum color pay off it gives and the lips can look with this shade πŸ™‚


Mac New York Apple swatch


Staying Power: The staying power is 3 plus hours and it vanishes evenly from the lips. Once the color fades out there is a negligible hint of color left back but the lips do not look dry at all. One needs a mild cleansing milk get rid of the color at the end of the day.

Summing it up:

What I like about Mac Frost Lipstick New York Apple:

  • Subtle frosty red shade
  • Imarts a nice shine to the lips
  • Moisturizing and creamy formula
  • Can compliment all ages
  • Gets easily applied
  • Nice pigmentation
  • Does not feel heavy on lips
  • Non sticky
  • Survives light meals
  • Stays for 3 hours or so
  • No bleeding as such
  • Leaves behind a nice pinkish tint

What I dislike about Mac Frost Lipstick New York Apple:

  • Nothing except that it needs to be reapplied every 3 hours or so.


Mac New York Apple lipswatch


Overall verdict:

In all this is an amazing frosty red lip shade . From the non sticky formula to the sheen it adds to the whole face to the moisturizing formula I do not know how to stop praising this particular lipstick from Mac. Lemme know your favourite frost lipstick from Mac and if you have not tried any then this one can be a good start. Goodbye!

Wise she rating: 5/5

Have you tried Mac Frost Lipstick New York Apple ?

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  1. I am not a fan of frosts either..but some of MAC frost lipsticks are truly gorgeous..this is not an exception..looks soo nice on u..


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