MAC Girl About Town Vs MAC Cremesheen Lickable & MAC Impassioned


Imagine if in the world of makeup there develops a pink lipstick shade shortage :O:O .What will you do ? ?  I will stock as much as I can and guess this is what I was thinking when I bought few of the popular MAC Pink lipstick shades .Check out my MAC Lipstick shade haul here.

MAC Girls About Town

MAC Cremesheen Lickable

MAC Impassioned

  • Price – INR 980
It’s not that all the shades suits every one and all the shades look different on each and every one of us depending upon  our skin tone and lip pigmentation.I am around NC42 and warm olive skin tone and keeping my skin tone in mind I am  doing the comparison of all the three hot MAC shades here.

MAC Girl About Town Vs MAC Cremesheen Lickable

Girl About town is a fuchsia pink which has blue undertones .It’s not completely neon but it stands out.It goes best on those who are cool skin tones albeit warm skin girls can carry it but if you deeper complexion than mine then it might wash you out.

MAC Girl about town VS MAC Lickable+mac Girl about town dupes

MAC Lickable looks more pink and is warmer and will be better suited on warm skin tone.MAC GAT is thicker and feels little more heavy on the lips where as lickable feels more light.Girls will deeper /duskier complexion between  NC 50 or even above can carry Lickable more beautifully than GAT.Lickable is even  not that overpowering too when compared to GAT

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MAC Girl about town and MAC IMPASSIONED+MAC GAT reviews and swatches+MAC hot pink lipsticks shades

MAC Girl About Town(Right)  Vs MAC Cremesheen Lickable (Left)- Swatches

You can easily see the warm tones of Lickable and blue tones of GAT below


and here is MAC Lickable and MAC GAT on my lips

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MAC GAT & Lickable on my lips+MAC GAT & MAC Lickable on my lips

MAC GAT Vs MAC Impassioned:-

MAC Impassioned too is warmer with undertones of watermlon  and is not that that blue as GAT but definitely very bright.If you have green eyes then try out this shade than GAT , it  will make you look much brighter.This shade is going to look fab on skin tones from fairer to deep .

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MAC-Impassioned-Lipstick-Swatches-+olive-skin +mac impassioned lipstick Vs MAC GAT

All the three shades  in terms of pigmentation and staying power scores 5/5.

Hope this will help you in finding out your pick 🙂

So what your pick in above three MAC Lipstick shades ?

MAC Girl About Town, MAC Cremesheen Lickable & MAC Impassioned

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  1. I Want “LICKABLE” & “IMPASSIONED” for Sure…Ana!!! :inlove: :chic: :beauty: :yes: :yes: :yes:

    adding in my CART! U really make life easy…by doing all this compilations… :-)) :yes:
    otherwise i wud have been a BIG MESS 😛 😛

  2. thank u soo soo much ..i went out n bought GAT n Impassioned after reading ur post .Im nc 40 n at forst i got a lil scared looking at impassioned but it such a pretty pretty shade i got it!n i luuurrrrve it.infact i found a way to make GAT work even for office… layered it over Cosmo and it looks very pretty !this combination is very good for girls who looked washed out with cosmo!

  3. lovely colour Ana.. suits you so much.. not for my age though…

    I commented earlier too I don’t know why it’s missing 🙁

  4. I wanted this comparison from a very long time… I could not try it in stores also coz i stay in a city where we dont have mac 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 😥 😥 😥 Thank you so much anamika.. 🙂 🙂 Now I ll ask someone to pick impassioned for me :yes: :yes: :yes: decided..

  5. GAT and Impassioned :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: all the 3 are such beautiful shades and i won’t mind having all the three shades 😉 :lipstick:

  6. Ha Ha! I got the hint Anks! I shd try Impassioned :laugh: .. It is a very pretty shade..

    I generally stay away from very bright pinks like GAT becoz on me the color starts looking too bright & almost neon! Basically the exact opposite of what it does on darker skin tones, that is washes them out. Instead of washing me out, it stands out so much on me that I think ppl will be blinded if they look at me wearing it.. :pain:

    I currently have Lustering which I got on Zara’s recco & it is quite pretty! I will try out Impassioned next time I’m at MAC. Thanks for the recco! 🙂

    • lolz…”people will be blinded ” .

      Lustering is so so beautiful..actually u and zee both have same choice of shades or i should both of you carry the shades beautifully so each other reccos helps you out 🙂

  7. Wooooooo….sexy shade ..and honestly i cant make out the difference between the two…maybe i’m still a rookie to figure out !


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