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Hey all,

It seems to have become impossible for me to pass by MAC and not buy anything. I had resisted buying MAC face and body foundation but after reading Taps’ review i was sold … so off i went and bought the foundation and along with it came this pretty eyeshadow.Ana has already reviewed A Natural Flirt eyeshadow from this range and today ,I will review the best selling colour from the Glamourdaze collection.

mac glamour daze evening grey eyeshadow review+how to apply eye shadow

Price :1420 Inr

The colour: True to its name ,Evening grey is a shimmery  silver-grey eyeshadow which is perfect for a party or a night out or even for weddings.This color ,unlike other greys or silvers does not look ashy on Indian skin tones .I did detect a bit of a brown undertone which makes it great even for warmer skin tones.

mac glamour daze evening grey eyeshadow review shade+eye shadow reviews

Packaging: The packaging is a little different from the regular MAC eyeshadow pans .The eyeshadow is textured with a wave on one side and MAC engraved all over.You cannot see the engraving clearly as after a few uses the engraving gets a little blurred .The eyeshadow is housed in a glossy black eyeshadow pan as opposed to the regular matte pans .

mac glamour daze evening grey eyeshadow review package+glitter eye shadow

Texture: The texture of all shadows in this range are similar to the MAC IN Extra Dimension collection,i.e..they feel more like a gel cum powder rather than just a powdery feeling.Because of this texture,the eyeshadow applies and blends like a dream with virtually no fall out and stays put all night.

MAC Glamourdaze Eyeshadow in Evening Grey  Swatches:-

mac glamour daze evening grey eyeshadow review hand swatch+best eye shadow

Staying power: This formula is known for its staying power.I did a smokey eye with just kohl as a base and the eyeshadow stayed put all night.It comes off easily with a makeup remover though.

Pigmentation: I found the pigmentation of this particular colour a tad bit less as compared to the other colours in the range.However when applied with a damp brush,you can see the colour in its full shimmery glory.Even when applied dry it gives a beautiful sheer silvery look which would be perfect for day weddings ,if your outfit has silver work.

Summing it up:

What I like about MAC Glamourdaze Eyeshadow in Evening Grey:-

  • lovely silver colour which will not look ashy on warm skintones
  • Great packaging
  • Different texture as opposed to regular powder eyeshadows
  • Fab staying power
  • Can be used dry or wet to create different looks

What I don’t  like about MAC Glamourdaze Eyeshadow in Evening Grey:-

  • Expensive even for MAC
  • Pigmentation could have been better
  • The engraving disappears after a few uses
  • Its a limited edition product

My rating: 4/5

 Have you tried MAC Glwmourdaze Eyeshadow In Evening Grey ?

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  1. Yeah girls its great!! Overpriced but fab! Tanveer.. Been to the pro store yet? I am not going intentionally as i fear for the health of my wallet

  2. Zee … Before u get the purple one do swatch burning black by loreal infallible.. My guess is they r very similar.. They have a taupe in the carine rotfeild collection .. I did a B2M tody .. Got hot tahiti

  3. Lol! It was a pretty impulsive thing… I had to clean out my vanity post te whole shaadi as my stuff was all over te place .. I actually found six tjings so thot of goin there on my way back home


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