MAC Hot Tahiti Lipstick India Review, Swatches & FOTD


MAC Hot Tahiti

If you are looking for those juicy lips for the fall season which are not OTT and looks absolutely sexy and stunning then MAC Tahiti is a fantastic shade.This shade was always in my list since the time Tanveer from ATB reviewed it  .After her review I Googled more and made up my mind and added in my must have list .Thankfully shade was in MAC Noida store this time and S.A too reminded me about it :).Yes! this is the advantage of buying from MAC frequently. S.A  reminds you a particular shade which we talked about last time 😉


MAC TAHITI LIPSTICK REVIEW INDIA+MAC hot tahiti lipstick reviews


  • Price – INR 980 for 3gms.
  • Texture – It’s smooth, doesn’t settle into fine lines and is moisturising and glossy.It hides pigmentation easily and give those juicy lips .Texture of the lipstick is sheer but one can build up the pigmentation
  • Staying power – It stays for 3 hours if swiped 2-3 times on the lips otherwise I need to re apply it .Also, I do need a lip liner underneath as the shade tends to bleed a bit.


mac tahiti soft red lipstick india+hot tahiti lipstick soft red lipstick


MAC Hot Tahiti Lipstick Swatches:-

It’s not exactly a red but a soft toned down red .Something which you would like to wear on every day basis.Great thing about this shade is that it looks beautiful on most skin tone.If you are between  NC 30 –  NC 50 it manages to look good and adapt itself to all kind of pigmentation.If you have light pigmentation on your lips then it will come out as soft brownish pinkish red and on darker pigmented lips it will look  more like medium dark reddish pink.


MAC TAHITI LIPSTICK SWATCHES +hoa tahiti lipstick soft red


It has typical Vanilla fragrance and is  moisturizing and glossy but that makes it transferable too .I like the shade so much that I wish I had  few spare lips to apply it on.;)



mac tahiti lipstick swatches+MAC Hot tahiti lipstick swatches


MAC Hot Tahiti after an hour of application


mac tahiti lipstick lip swatches





soft red mac tihati lipstick+soft red lipstick mac tahiti

this is how it looks on me

MAC TAHITI FOTD FACE+hot tahiti lipstick MAC



 What I like about MAC Hot Tahiti Lipstick:-


  • Universal shade which will suit most skin tone
  • It’s a permanent shade
  • Texture and finish
  • Not drying
  • Great for those who are new to reds.
  • Sheer still cover dark pigmented lips

What I do not like about MAC Hot Tahiti Lipstick:-

  • Bleeds a little and require re application after few hours
  • Need a lip liner underneath it.
This is one shade of MAC which I will highly recommend.It’s a kind of  shade which will work on both warmer and cooler skin tones, that is because of the kind of brightness it has which just  perks up all skin tones.
Wise She Rating – 4.5/5
  • Pigmentation – 4.5/5
  • Availability – 4.5/5
  • Texture – 4.5/5
  • Staying power – 2/5
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  1. Pretty shade.. it is looking awesome on you :lipstick: but 980 omg Budget problem 😛

    But ana, I somehow feel all your pics are in orangish shade? Camera fault (or) only i feel it?

      • Swatch are perfect re.. i was talking about your face.
        Anyways i liked the color, but will you suggest me this color? am fair does this look good on me?

  2. Im doing ok .. Have been down a lil healthwise coz of changing weather .. Works good !very busy .. In getting hot tahiti ! Diwali ahopping hua?

  3. Oh I def want it..again after seeing it on tans blog I knew I wanted it n now u cinched the deal A…I think I’ll end proving this best from all the 6u picked up 🙂

  4. Arree i had plans of coming in dec but my all my delhi relatives are coming over! Im soo bummed my hubbys transfer to delhi dint happen !!! I was hoping for 3 months i wud get to enjoy delhi

  5. No zee he is a pilot.. U know the usual pilot airhostess love story… When he got promoted he was told he may have to be based in delhi for a few months so i was over the moon!but the transfer dint happen

  6. looking super beautiful Ana! love the gorgeous shade.
    But sadly I have promised myself that untill i finish all the ones i have (about 75)i wont buy more. so no mac for me or any other company for next 4 yrs!

  7. ya Ana will do that. Had planned to do it long back but then got busy with relocation and stuff. this weekend is 4 days long with homecoming and federal holidays alongwith saturday sunday 🙂 will get the post ready then 🙂
    Am looking forward to it now !!! :lipstick: :tap-dance:

  8. It looks awesome on you Anks!! :).. Thanks for the link love.. I am happy you liked it as well. I was telling Rashmi the other day, this is the only lipstick I actually have a back-up of 🙂

  9. I had got ss vouchers expiring .. Where else than at mac? The red blush is aomething u n zee will love .. I dont know if il ever wear it but i loved it in the pan ! I had gine to the mall to buy indian gifts for our foreign delegates and i bought mac for myself !! Hehehe


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