MAC In Extra Dimension Skinfinish Glorify Review And swatches


 MAC In Extra Dimension Skinfinish Glorify 

I went to MAC the other day to pick up my fav primer and my eyes fell on this gorgeous pot of molten gold!Ok ! enough of drama,,, I am talking about the skinfinsh from the MAC In Extra Dimension range.The packaging is so pretty and the colour is perfect for the festive season.Although this is limited edition ,it will be re promoted with the holiday collection .It is still available at the MAC stores though .. saw it yesterday.

MAC In Extra Dimension Skinfinish Glorify review

What MAC says about MAC In Extra Dimension Skinfinish Glorify

“A liquid-powder highlighter with prismatic reflections that sculpts, highlights and models the face. The cool, creamy near-fluid formula creates a luminous, well-defined finish. Wears 10 hours.

MAC Glorify Extra Dimension SkinfinishHighlighter Review

What i feel about MAC In Extra Dimension Skinfinish Glorify

My first reaction to this when i saw it at the store was… So beautiful!Its 3d packaging with MAC inscribed all over the product.. almost like those gold biscuits that have the engraving on them.The SA told me that it was a cream powder feel but the finish is powder.

Mac Extra Dimension Skinfinish MAC golrify+MAC Glorify skinn finish on indian skin tone

The colour:Its a beautiful bronzy gold with shimmer.. the shimmer is not OTT at all and rather gives a glowy look to the skin.The colour is perfect for the festive season and i myself used it as eyeshadow on Karwa Chauth with MAC humid in the outer corner!As A highlighter this colour will look stunning on brides and for all festive occasions.This is not for very fair complexions though..It may look too stark against very fair skin.Im NC 40 for referance.

Mac Extra Dimension Skinfinish MAC golrify swatches

  • Texture:Its a creamy -powdery product and when one swatches it you almost feel like you are gliding your hands over a light cream,However when applied ,the finish is that of a powder!On researching this product I got to know that these are very similar to Estee Lauder’s powder jelees and for all you just might be the same product as MAC is a part of Estee Lauder!SO good deal na?
  • The staying power: This is all day n all night stuff girls!!I wore in the afternoon and when i got back home late at night it was still there in all its glory!
  • Pigmentation:its fab!one swipe is enough to give a nice gold colour.It needs to be used with a light hand when using as highlighter otherwise one may look too golden…lol
  • Packaging:Standard mac packaging which houses the prettiest highlighter I have ever seen!The product looks like there is whipped golden cream on one side and on the other side a flatter partMAC imprinted all over the flatter part!I almost did not wanna touch it!However the product doesn’t lose shape after a few uses so that is a biig plus!
  • The price:1600 inr.

Overall I feel this skinfinish shade is a must have during the festive and wedding seasons.It will complement most Indian clothes very well and  I have worn it with western clothing as an eyeshadow and it looked rocking.It can be used as an eyeshadow and a highlighter.If used wet the colour intensifies to a deep rich gold .

Summing it up:

Pros:MAC In Extra Dimension Skinfinish Glorify:-

  • Great Colour
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Multipurpose;can be used as eyeshadow and as highlighter or even just as blush
  • great pigmentation
  • Awesome staying power

Cons:MAC In Extra Dimension Skinfinish Glorify:-

  • Expensive
  • Its limited edition although I had seen it as repromote in Singapore with the glamourdaze collection.
  • Will not suit very fair skin tones

Mac Extra Dimension Skinfinish MAC golrify on my face

This is how it looks on me. Applied very lightly on eyes and cheeks and on eyes :

maybelline bad to the bronze tattoo eyeshadow and glorify all over lids with MAC local wares fluidline. On cheeks: Just applied glorify very lightly!

My rating:4/5

Have you tried MAC In Extra Dimension Skinfinish Glorify?

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