MAC Indian Lipsticks



Lipsticks go lush in full-bodied shades inspired by the sultry tones of India. Be marvelous in Mehr’s rosy mauve, or for a more dramatic look, try Tabla for a rich chocolate brown. Yash is luxurious and chic in a soft sandy neutral and Double Shot promises to keep you savvy in chestnut.

Yash -  Deep neutral (matte)
Mehr  – Dirty blue pink (matte)
Double Shot – Full bodied mocha cream (amplified)
Tabla -  Chocolate brown (amplified)


Indian Lipsticks-LineUp-300




 MAC Double Shot – Full bodied mocha cream (amplified)


Indian Lipsticks-Lipstick-DoubleShot-300


 Mehr  – Dirty blue pink (matte)



Indian Lipsticks-Lipstick-Mehr-300


MAC  Tabla -  Chocolate brown (amplified)



Indian Lipsticks-Lipstick-Tabla-300



MAC Yash -  Deep neutral (matte)


Indian Lipsticks-Lipstick-Yash-300


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  1. Had bought mehr when it was launched as part of the Mickey Contractor collection. Used it up within 1 month (that good) … the color is slightly darker than MAC Brave but yeah, amazing. I :heart:

  2. I had double shot a few years back and it washed me off completely..u might wanna try swatching this shade and trying it on your lips before buying.. Mehr is on my list now!!


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