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MAC Lipglass In Saplicious

Hi All,

We’ve all used lip balms in tubes right? I don’t think anyone has escaped using them…it may have been Vaseline lip balm, or Himalaya or Nivea glosses or even the ELF Super Shines glosses which come house in those tiny squishy tubes. They somehow refuse to stay out of my life…so I was pleasantly surprised at the Lip Gelees at MAC which look exactly like that. As usual, I couldn’t help myself and got this without a backward glance!

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mac lip gelee spalicious review+ mac lip


About MAC Lipgelee in Saplicious:-


A soft jelly-textured glosser for the lips. Fab to apply. Squeezes on. Distributes evenly and easily via its special slanted tip. Moisturizes and conditions the lips—saps them up! Makes them look, wet, shiny, super-lush! Comes in a wide range of sheer, soft tints.


mac lip gelee spalicious review+ saplicious

  • Packaging: This comes is a clear tube with a screw top lid. Its quite sturdy and not the cheap kind of plastic which will burst in the pocket; that has happened to me and it was disgustingly messy…
  • Color: This shade is a glossy, honey caramel shade.  It looks gorgeous with the tiny golden shimmers which are so minute and yet add an amazing glow.
  • Price: $14
  • Coverage & Pigmentation: This is more like a lip tint so it’s quite sheer and doesn’t really provide much coverage at all. The Caramel shade is quite strong though adds the right amount of a bronzy look to my lips without looking tacky.

mac lip gelee spalicious review+ mac saplicious review

  • Texture: These are sticky but not too much so…For comparisons sake I’d put this somewhere in between the super sticky lip glasses and the almost non-sticky dazzle glasses. Thank god for that! I detest sticky glosses and the only one I’ve been able to stand til now us Nymphette and that too because the shade is so overwhelming that I don’t are about the texture 🙂
  • Staying Power: This stays for about 2-3 hrs on my lips which isn’t much at all. And if I happen to eat or drink in the middle then I have to re-apply much sooner. Infact, I felt like even the ELF super Shine glosses stay longer than this.


mac lip gelee spalicious review+ mac review + lipstick


I love this shade and how smooth and non-streaky it is, but I do feel like this is best suited to college goers who are out to buy their first MAC and are more used to such glosses. It’s not the packaging which makes me feels so but more about the staying power…or lack of it! In college I never minded lipsticks and glosses fading fast because anyways practically every break time was spent in the washroom reapplying it whether it had actually faded or not.. 😉 Have any of you done this?? But now when a break comes in only after a solid 3hrs of work, I prefer lipsticks that would atleast stay for that much time.


mac lip gelee spalicious review+ mac cosmetics review


I am totally in favor of the shade. Its a high gloss kinda shade which would look pretty on any skin tone. The shimmers are so minute that they can’t be felt. And plus, it lends a sort of illuminating glow to the face as well.


mac lip gelee spalicious review+ gelee + lip mac


What I like about MAC Lipgelee in Saplicious:-


  • Provides a sheer wash of color on the lips.
  • Handy packaging
  • Provides minimal moisturization
  • Shimmer is minute and adds a glowy look to the face
  • Doesn’t dry out my lips
  • Not too sticky which is the biggest plus point for me.


mac lip gelee spalicious review+ mac lip gelee


What I don’t like about MAC Lipgelee in Saplicious:-


  • I’ve heard that this shade has been discontinued but I’m not sure.
  • Staying power is quite disappointing
  • On the pricey side


 Have you tried MAC Lipglass In Saplicious ?


Ratings: –


  • Pigmentation: 5/5
  • Packaging: 5/5
  • Staying Power: 4.5/5
  • Availability: 3.5/5
  • Price vs. Value: 5/5


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  1. shade luks so preety on ur lips zeeeeeeeeee :-* mere pe it wont luk gud 🙁 ur lip swatches r masah alla :lipstick: 😉

  2. Looks like a bronzer but looks very natural on ur lips Z :yes:…like uve used a clear gloss :-). It’s strange that it’s slightly sticky yet doesn’t last at all :confused:

    • its very mildly sticky..not as sticky as the lipglasses…hence the lipglasses i think last longer too….upar se this is very much a neutral shade so even when it fades a bit it becomes very apparent na?

  3. This looks so pretty on ur lips Zee! Is it available in India? I have never seen such MAC packaging, or maybe I dint notice

    • i bought this online last yr shivi…lekin ive seen lip gelees in 2 collections…venomous villains and cham pale collection…each collection had a few lip gelees…not sure whether the permanent range is sold here tho…even i havent seen this in stores…

  4. Damn…Zee! U rock any shade…… i swear!mastttttttt this is luking on U! :lipstick:
    Merepe suit nai karegaa..I guess! :-/

    • awww..thanx Ric… i luv such shades when i wana dress down a brighter set of clothing…

      this is actually more of a neutral na…it doesnt show up totally on me also if u see…its the texture, gloss and the tiny shimmers which do the work 🙂

    • thanx Vish…i agree….its not a loud color and suit when we wear those outfits which look best with minimal makeup 🙂 plus the tiny shimmers in this r lovely..

  5. the color is so pretty Zara … i love lipgelle’s ….. wonder why they are not in permanent line :-(( :-(( :-(( :-(( :-((
    did you tried it with MAC Craving ?? am sure it will look WOW :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick:

    • mere pas to yahi ek hai Rash….that too from Ebay….all the other LE ones which came t India as part of collection r too shimmery or too nude….meko acche wale shades chahiye….

      no-no..havent tried with craving…accha lagega? ill def try…i can neva hav t foresight like u re…i cant pair lipstick and gloss properly..ekdum bekaar hu is maamle me.. 😉

      • EBAYYYY … wowoowowoo Zara ….. 😀 😀 …. try try and a sure you will hmmmmmmm your lips will look more beautiful :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick: :lipstick:


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