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Its no secret that I love MAC for lipsticks, blush, eyeshadows (for everything almost!).Considering the price of Bourjois .   Lakme and Loreal,I really think that its better to go to MAC and get a fab lipstick for 100 bucks more, if you have MAC in your city that is. There is a lot of talk about the various MAC Lipstck Finishes and I have tried to simplify the terms for someone who is looking at buying her first MAC Lipstick or just wants to know whats the difference between each finish .


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MAC Matte Lipsticks:-


Matte finish lipsticks are highly pigmented without a hint of gloss or sheen. Mac’s Mattes are not overly drying ,but girls with dry lips may find that they need to apply a lip balm underneath.The pigmentation is rich and the lipstick never tugs or pulls at the lips but goes on smoothly. Matte finish lipstick offer the best staying power ,easily 5-6 hours .Also,In the Matte finish there is one exception :Mac Ruby Woo which is a retro matte lipstick-Which is one step up from the regular MATTE lipsticks. However,this is an extremely drying lipstick from what I have heard from people.

Mac Matte Lipstick Shades:


MAC Satin Finish Lipsticks

The Satin finish is a lot like the matte finish,but smoother. It has a very soft sheen and is not drying at all. I have just one satin finish lipstick and that has a tendency to settle in the lip lines on re application. I cannot speak about the rest. Satin Lipsticks are again long lasting and highly pigmented with very little sheen.

Mac Satin Lipstick shades:

Pinks/Purples: Amorous, Brave, Captive, Cherish, Cyber, Rebel, Pink Nouveau, Snob

Orange/Coral: Sushi Kiss


Neutrals/Nudes: Twig. Retro, Verve, Peachstock


MAC Amplified Creme & Amplified:-


Amplified Creme is my absolute fav in MAC .Richly pigmented and creamy ,these lipsticks are a delight to wear . They have a creamy finish and do not settle into lip lines on reapplication. The staying power of amplified cremes is about 4-5 hours and leave a soft tint behind. Also,its interesting to note ,that most of the cult shades in MAC have this finish

MAC Amplified shades:

Pinks/purples: Cosmo.Impassioned, GAT, Show Orchid(pro shade ), Violetta(pro shade), Full Fuschia(pro), Chatterbox,, Up the amp, Saint Germain

Plums/reds: Dubonnet, Dark Side, Craving, Brick o la

Oranges: Vegas Volt, Morange, Neon Orange

Neutrals: Fast Play, Blankety, Half n Half


MAC Glaze Lipstick:-

The name is self explanatory. It forms a light glaze on the lips.This finish adds a touch of shine and colour but the pigmentation is nothing to write home about. Having said that,one of my fav red is from this family.However,girls with very pigmented lips should stay away from this finish. There is only one shade from this finish that will suit Indian skin tones i.e Hot Tahiti

Glaze shades:Hot Tahiti. Frou, Pervette, Hue, Shag.


MAC Cremesheen Lipsticks:-

Cremesheen Lipsticks are again very popular. The Lipsticks are creamy and give a sheen when applied.Pigmentation is fantastic and staying power is good too. Cremesheens have a tendency to settle in the liplines , so do exfoliate lips before wearing them.

 MAC Cremesheen shades:

Pinks/Corals/Peaches: Lickable, Speak Louder, Speed dial, Fanfare, Hot Gossip. Ravishing, On hold.

Reds: Dare You. Hang up, Brave Red, Party Line

Neutrals: Creme in your coffee, Creme D’nude, Creme Cup. Modesty


MAC Lustre Lipstick

Lustre finishes are very popular with girls who like a glossy look. They are semi sheer with a wet finish.As they are sheer,they are good options for girls who want to try brighter colours .The staying power of lustre finish lipsticks is about 2-3 hours. Girls with very pigmented lips may not be able to carry this finish off. One important thing to keep in mind is that lustre finish lipsticks look different on everyone due to its sheer texture. SO try at the store before you buy.

Pinks/Corals/Oranges: Lovelorn, Syrup, Lustering, See sheer, Sweetie, Pretty Please, Lady Bug

Plums/purples: Plumful. Midi Mauve, Capricious

Neutrals: Freckletone, Hug me, Fresh Brew, Touch, Jubillee. Charsimatic, High tea.


MAC Frost Lipstick

As the name suggests,these lipsticks are frosty,i.e have shimmer in them . Most MAC Frost finishes do not have obvious shimmer when applied. I havent tried any frost finish,so I cannot comment on pigmentation and staying power.

I feel Costa Chic is the only shade in this finish that will suit Indian Skintones.


I hope this compilation was useful to all. Please feel free to add any shades I may have missed.


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  1. I havent tried cafe latte tarun:) tu dekh le wahan pe… see what colou suits u the best. If its ur first mac purchase go for what u fall in love with

  2. Hey, this post is really going to help me..Thank you so much for writing this post.. I got my first MAC lipstick- FastPlay. Its an amazing shade..

  3. I luuuvvv lustre’s by far the bestfor my lips…satin comes my case I feel amplified settles into lp lines way sooner…

  4. I think the finishes also vary in the shades. I have both Cosmo and Impassioned from amplified range but both are poles apart in finish and staying . Cosmo hardly stays for 4 hours on my lips but Impassioned is on for entire day even after meals.


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