MAC Lipstick in Midi Mauve: Swatches & Review


Hi All,

I picked this up as part of my Bday Haul….I never really tried MidiMauve in the past because it looked more brown in the tube; and I’m not a fan of Browns. But on this particular visit, the store happened to be pretty empty and I had the MUAs full attention. So he took his time with me explaining which shades I should try out and Midi Mauve was one of them. I was hesitant to try it but once I did, I had to change my opinion…Here’s why..


mac midi mauve lipstick review+ mac midi mauve lipstick


  • Color: MidiMauve is described as a rosey mauve shade with a pearl finish. On my lips though, it comes off more as pinkish nude shade.
  • Price: INR980
  • mac midi mauve lipstick review


  • Coverage & Pigmentation: Coverage with this lippy is nil thanks to the lustre finish. If you hope to cover some imperfections on your lips you’d have to leav ethat thought waay behind!


mac midi mauve lipstick review+ mac midi mauve


  • Texture: Like all MAC Lustre finishes, this one is also pretty sheer and glossy…During the these months when my lips dry and shrivel, I find this finish one of the best since instead of accentuating the dryness like a matte lippy would do, this makes my lips looks better than they actually do.


mac midi mauve lipstick review+ mac midi mauve swatches


  • Staying Power: This stays for about 1.5 hrs on my lips..2hrs max if worn over MAC Lip Prep n Prime.


mac midi mauve lipstick review+ mac midi mauve swatch


I like this shade for how natural it looks. This would me the perfect MLBB shade for many and I’ve been told it’s one of the best selling lippies at MAC. Dry lipped girls like me will find this particular finish to be like an oasis for the lips.

 MAC Lipstick In Midi Lip Swatch:-


mac midi mauve lipstick review+ mac midi mauve+ mac lipstick


Blush Recco: This lipstick can be paired with almost any blush..Since this lippy is more on the understated side, I like to pair with with a heavy eye or a brighter blush..Colorbar Pink Pinch or Illamasqua Tweak are the 2 extremes I would go to with this lippy.


mac midi mauve lipstick review+ mac midi mauve+ mac lipstick review

What I like about MAC Lipstick in Midi Mauve:

  • Would be the perfect MLBB shade for many.
  • Doesn’t sink into the lip lines
  • Has a sheer and shiney finish just like I like.
  • Can be worn over any outfit
  • Decent staying power considering it’s a sheer finish to begin with.
  • Perfect for dry lips.


What I don’t like about MAC Lipstick in Midi Mauve:

  • Not the shade for you if you have heavy pigmented lips.



  • Pigmentation:4/5
  • Packaging: 5/5
  • Staying Power: 3/5
  • Availability: 5/5
  • Price vs. Value: 4/5


Have you tried MAC Midi Mauve? What are your views about it?

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  1. I’dveheard that midi mauve is a nude and was shocked to see the 1st pic! 😯 Looks chocolate brown no? But the actual shade is sooo priddy :heart:

  2. Hihi..thanx rits!luv this vommnt comin frm u since ur lip swstches r like…fab!!

    I hope dis post n swatvh gets every1 t try all diff lippies even d ones which dnt seem t b flatterin by looks..imagine i saw this lippy fr more dan a yr but tried it nly now whn forced! Hihi..

  3. whoa! I thought it was a very dark shade and was about to browse through when I caught a glimpse of you lips. The shade looks awesome on you Zee. Well, I love your blushes and you lipswatches.. don;t know which one more 😛

  4. when I saw the pic first pic i had to check again was the post really by you zee 😛 and lol I was pretty surprised to see the swatches and looks amazing on ya lips :inlove:


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