MAC Lipstick in Ravishing: Review , Swatches & FOTD



As a few of you know, I went on my first outing earlier this month and raided MAC. I usually only scope out the Lustre finish offerings but this time my eyes immediately went to this gorgeous shade called Ravishing. A single swatch made me fall in love with it and this lippy just had to come home with me.

MAC Ravishing lipstick review

My experience with MAC Ravshing Lipstick

MAC describes this shade as a mid-tone neutral peach.. This looks more orange on me though and I detect some micro shimmer in this as well. It gives me full coverage in a single swipe and has a gorgeous sheen which is quite flattering.


MAC Ravishing lipstick review+MAC Ravishing (2)



Now this is an intense shade..I love corals alot and love wearing shades like these. I feel like they add color to my face and make me look fresh and active.


MAC Ravishing lipstick review+coral lipstick


Being a creamsheen finish, this does feel quite moisturizing n the lips..but this finish also ensures wrinkly old looking lips if layered too much. Pigmented lips would love this and so would dry lips like mine as long as they ain’t chapped.


MAC Ravishing lipstick review+MAC Ravishing lipstick swatch

This stays for about 3hrs on me and 4hrs when worn over MAC Lip Prep n Prime.


MAC Lipstick in Ravishing Swatches:-

MAC Ravishing lipstick review+MAC Ravishing lipstick swatches

This is how it looks on me (NC25-30 skintone)



MAC Ravishing lipstick review+peachy coral lipstick

What I like about MAC Ravishing Lipstick:-


  • It’s coral…need I say more? 😉
  • Completely opaque with a single swipe
  • Creamy and moisturizing
  • Well pigmented
  • Will cover any lip pigmentation


What I don’t like about MAC Ravishing Lipstick:-


  • Does sink into liplines if layered alot.

Rating: 4.5/5

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  1. Gosh!….love love love!
    My next purchase for sure…
    And nice review zara di…..need ur advice is it gonna look on nc42?

  2. I think you need to check this in the store…its a tricky shade for NC42 skin i am similar skin tone as you i have some good as well as bad experience…but shade is yummilicious.

    Zee! you must be loving it so much na…i loved it on you.


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