MAC Lipstick Prepare For Pleasure Review, Swatches & FOTD


MAC Lipstick Prepare For Pleasure

Today’s post is a special one. Special because it reminds me of a day a year back, reminds me of a journey worth remembering, reminds me of people whom I have met in the last one year and they are worth treasuring. This day celebrates my birthday and my one year “courtship” with Wiseshe.

Yes, I started writing for Wiseshe just a year back on this very day which was my birthday and no doubt it was one of my best birthday gifts ever. Time flew away with you beautiful people around, learning so many things each day, loving the compliments and love I am getting from the very first day.

Love everybody here; their arduous work made Wiseshe what “she” is today. And Anamika , it takes a lot of courage, confidence, determination and patience to inspire people, like the way you do each & everyday. You made my stay here more fun and happening. Thank you for all the love and motivation. Thank you for changing my life for better Wiseshe.


MAC Prepare for Pleasure


Anyway, so back to today’s review. I kept this one pending for my “anniversary” day. A special lipstick review on my special day ….
It is MAC Prepare for Pleasure (LE-Divine Nights Collection)

Price: I bought it for 1190INR, now it has increased though 🙁

My experience with MAC Lipstick Prepare for Pleasure:

Packaging: Almost same as the regular MAC bullets, just the silver part is golden here and the outer black portion is a matte black which is shinny black in the regular ones. I just love the golden and matte black combination. And when the lipstick is rolled up, it increases the beauty.


mac lipstick prepare for pleasure


Shade: With so many reds in my vanity, sometimes I get totally confused which to wear with what. This one is a solution. It is a very unique red which is neither cool toned, nor warm. Yes..!! It may sound weird. But the tone depends on your skin tone and lighting. Sometimes it is red with pink and sometimes red with orange undertones. But on me, it is mostly cool-toned red. I really like how different it looks.

But whatever red it is, it is a pretty subtle, wearable red. You can wear it during the day and in the nights too.
It has minute shimmers which is visible in the bullet, but not on lips.


MAC Prepare for pleasure lipstick


Texture: Its creamsheen, so it is creamy and has a gorgeous sheen. Lovely hydrating creamy texture and keeps lips hydrated for really long.

Pigmentation: Now, it is pigmented, but not as pigmented as I expected. I have to swipe 3-4 times for a proper bold color, though 1-2 swipes are great for just a flush of wearable red.


MAC Prepare for Pleasure swatch


Staying Power: Being a creamsheen one, it again impressed me with the staying power. I wore it just yesterday for a party, and it stayed on and on. I was there for 6-7 hours and when I came back I could see a gorgeous tint. It did survived meal and drinks.


MAC Prepare for Pleasure lipswatch


Summing up my LIKES and DISLIKES:

What I like about MAC Prepare for Pleasure:

  • Gorgeous shade.
  • Soft supple shine.
  • Creamy texture.
  • Hydrating.
  • Doesn’t feel heavy on lips.
  • Opaque coverage in 2-3 swipes.
  • Doesn’t bleed.
  • Doesn’t settle on lines.
  • Leaves behind beautiful stain.
  • Makes teeth look whiter.
  • Wearable for both day and night.
  • Beautiful packaging.

What I don’t like about MAC Prepare for Pleasure:

  • Limited Edition.
  • Women who like incredible pigmentation in just 1 swipe, this might disappoint them.


MAC Prepare for Pleasure FOTD


Final Verdict:-(Recommendation/ Repurchase)
Prepare for Pleasure is truly a pleasure. All my favorites in one lipstick; favorite color, favorite formula, moisturizing, great staying power and decent pigmentation. A very fun shade to wear, non messy, non-sticky (no No Chip Chip, No Jhik Jhik). Being a sucker of red lipstick and creamy formula I love it. It would suit every skin tone and I recommend it to everyone looking for a subtle yet beautiful red.

Rating: 4.7/5

Have you tried MAC Lipstick Prepare for Pleasure?

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  1. A veryyyyyyyyyy happy bday to you madhuuuu n happy annv. Too dea xoxo
    this is certainly the most gorgeous reds I have seen in Mac …
    I have a backup can u imagine ?
    your pics made this more beautiful 🙂

  2. Happy birthday to you dear, enjoy thoroughly and this is a lovely shade love the packaging even more,you are looking very beautiful and superb lip swatches <3 :))

  3. Wow superb color madhu, iam going to buy this, i am fan of red lippies, i already own 8 red lippies, i decided not to buy another until i finish atleast 1, but u tempted me with ur beautiful LOTD, i want this, U look Gorgeous and VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, all ur dreams come true, and god bless u with all the makeup in ur wish list.

  4. Many happy returns of this day Madhu..both for your birthday & Wiseshe anniversaries!! Keep rocking gal!!

    Beautiful Fotd and lovely lip swatches..! Do I need to use more adjectives or you got it what I mean?? :-p 😉
    Stay blessed! :-*

  5. Happywala Bday Madhu 🙂 N cograts on d ‘wiseshe’ anniversary.. More to come 🙂
    N now lets talk about d RED.. Stunning color n hawt muse 😉 U definitely rock bright colors so well!!!


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