MAC Lustre Touch Lipstick Review & Swatches


MAC Lustre Touch Lipstick 

Zara zara touch me touch me touch me….
Zara zara hold me hold me hold me……
Zara zara kiss me kiss me kiss me……

Hahaha…. don’t get me wrong sweeties. I really love you but don’t doubt my intension please. Trust it to be very platonic. Hehehe……

These days I have been writing these naughty humour in my reviews. I don’t want to be labelled wrongly.

I very innocently sing this song whenever I wear one of my favourite MAC Lippies – Touch


MAC Lustre Touch Lipstick Review+maccosmetics

MAC Touch is a light brown color lustre finish lipstick. It has lots of lustre that extenuates the lips and give the fuller lips effect. The color is very natural and again one of those don’t think just wear’ shade. It’s ideal for a casual wear.


MAC Lustre Touch Lipstick Review Shade name+reviews of makeup


The lasting power is not much. It stays on for not more than 3-4 hours if not touched. If you drink or eat, it’s time for re-application. The texture is very smooth and in humid summers tends to feather. I use it with My Too Faced Border line lip pencil to prevent it from feathering.


MAC Lustre Touch Lipstick Review Product+lip stick reviews


You may opt for a lip pencil if you want to. The moisture content in the lipstick is good. It moisturises the lips completely like a colored lip balm and doesn’t try you at all.

MAC Lustre Touch Lipstick Swatches:-


MAC Lustre Touch Lipstick Review Hand Swatch+color lip stick


What I like about MAC – Touch Lipstick:-


  1. Color. I don’t think before wearing it. Goes with everything.
  2. The shine and lustre.
  3. Texture
  4. Moisturization


What I dont like about MAC Lustre Touch Lipstick:-


  1. Feathers and runs in humidity.
  2. May not cover dark pigmentation.
  3. Doesn’t last long
  4. Price


  • Overall – 3.5/5
  • Pigmentation – 3/5
  • Packaging – Usual
  • Longitivity – 2.5/5
  • Price – INR1350/ – I think


If you have used MAC Syrup, its exactly the same, texture and performance wise. Syrup is also one of my favourites.  Here is Zara’s review of MAC Syrup on WiseShe

MAC Lipstick in Syrup review+mac syrup +lustre lipstick


It isn’t a must have for me. I can always go for a dupe or more economical option.

Here is how it looks on me:


MAC Lustre Touch Lipstick Review makeup

MAC Lustre Touch Lipstick Review on LIps+reviews for makeup


Have you tried MAC Lustre Touch Lipstick?


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  1. It looked like such a boring brown but is soooo pretty on ur pout…loved the shade! :heart: N i thought u were askin Zee to hold u n touch u n what not….Zara Zara :rotfl: :rotfl:

  2. I luv lustre finish…looks perfect and feels the same…

    Btw…this song brings back all college memories of batch mates singing this for me..n my then bf now pati sitting n fuming in a corner…hehe..

      • A first yes..then it began t get boring…I ended up hating the song..hehe

        N how can I stay away from a lustre finish post…I gravitate towards it!

  3. Hi sweeties thanks for all the compliments.
    Hahaha…didnt think of this Zara twist.

    N Zara ‘ tu toh Meri Behen Hain. let your hubby not be angry.


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