MAC Matte Lipstick Taupe Review & Swatches


MAC Matte Lipstick Taupe A80


I always used to see MAC store from a distance but never had the courage to enter it. But one fine day, I just had to enter the store. And I was so mesmerised by their collection! I bought a Studio Fix plus foundation, Studio Moisture Cover concealer, a lipgloss, a lippy and Prep and prime.


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My MAC Taupe Lipstick Journey πŸ™‚

This is my first and only one lipstick from MAC. I had no idea about how many types they have in lippies and blah blah blah, I just told the MUA(who was a sweet person and didnÒ€ℒt let me feel awkward which I had expected) that I have a budget of 6k for my MAC Makeup, please suggest me some basic MAC products. He asked me to try out the base, which I loved instantly. I also wanted to own a MAC lippy, which can be worn for office. That was my idea of paisa-wasool ;). He gave me this Matte lippy, I got it as if I was receiving a free gift. Later I realised I had got a matte one which I never wear.


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But then I decided to try this out for office and got quite a few compliments, I was always under the impression that matte shades make u look older and what not. But when I received lovely compliments for my lippies, I fell in love with my MAC lipstick! I have been following blogs lately but never got to see this name L, but does that matter? I like this lipstick a lot and it has made me like matte lipsticks a lot.

Swatches of MAC Taupe Lipstick:-


MAC Taupe Lipstick swatches and dupe+MAC lipstick taupe


I always hear that beauties complain that matte lipsticks are very drying but I did not have such experience with this, although my lips hate any product which is even a bit drying. I donÒ€ℒt need to say much coz I always think lipsticks are generally good by all companies and this one is MAC so its too good :).

MAC Taupe Lipstick Swatches:-




Coming to the colour, its like a not too brown shade.

I suck at explaining so will show you swatches. ItÒ€ℒs a nice shade but it will wash you out if you are dusky. For my NC 42 skin tone, it looks great and itÒ€ℒll suit even better to wheatish complexion beauties.

Well, I wouldnÒ€ℒt say itÒ€ℒs a must buy shade, you can live without it. And I wonÒ€ℒt be repurchasing it again.


 What I like about MAC Matte Taupe Lipstick:-


  • DoesnÒ€ℒt dry out the lips
  • Good number of shades to choose from
  • It’s MAC!
  • Colour suits me well
  • Nice fragrance
  • Sturdy packaging


What I do not like about MAC Matte Taupe Lipstick:-


  • Pricey
  • Not a great shade which would suit everyone


Although the second con is bullshit coz we never buy lippies which would suit everyone! We buy the ones which suit us, but I had to write something! Hope this review helped πŸ™‚

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  1. SA have never been bad to me ..i don know why but i here so many things from others that i feel that some day they might πŸ˜›

    • no but twig falls in the similar category.. its less peachy than taupe… and i find myself reaching for twig more often than cosmo these days… very versatile! you tried it anu?

        • yeah… cosmo is quite pink on me… and though i love pink colours, they do clash with my yellow coloring! i bet some ancestors of mine were of asian descent and that yellow skin gene became active on me… :p

          Twig on the other hand gives me a fantastic matte lip that is understated and not completely nude… perfect for day wear…

          • my lips get so sookhofyed when i use mattes usually..

            hey Anks! btw, i got Colorbar sultry pink…and i Luv it! Thanx for d recco πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

            • oh wow… you are welcome… i like sultry pink a litle more than Maybelline Hooked on Pink!

              are Twig is a Satin finish that appears matte on my prunish lips but it does not sukhaofy them… but then its not a very unique shade… uska dupe milega aasaani se….

  2. I own this shade. Its a beautiful neutral shade or MLBB perfect for NC40-42. it will be a nude shade for someone NC44 or more. BTW, Do you get gifts in MAC. Its news to me. I have never heard of such thing in any MAC store.

  3. superbs…………………………… shades :)…………………… bt whats going on in fb from morning??? not opening…………….

  4. Lovely lovely color..I am so glad u got this beautiful shade as your first Mac lippi..most Mac SAs are quite good..never make you feel intimidated even when you don’t look your best…u went to the Pune store right and I think Richard must have helped you out..great guy with some amazing makeup skills

  5. very very pretty mlbb me confused btw creme in ur coffee n dis one..will try at d store :dance-left-right:

  6. anu, i sent you a tweet last week…. asking permission to use some of your pics for a MAC lust list… could you please let me know if you are ok with it?

  7. hi anamika……. i rarely comment here but read it daily nevertheless. read ur comment that there should be a “cosmetic mall”…….cant stop thinking ever since….keeping my fingers crossed…..let it happen asap… its going to haunt my dreams from now on…….

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