MAC Mineralize Blush Gleeful Review & Swatches


Hi All,

First off, I just realised I’m out of raunchy named blushes…for the longest time ( as brought to my notice by Jaanu), I was reviewing blushes with names like Torrid, Amour, etc…So today as I draft this post on a blush called ‘Gleeful’ I almost feel sad…One of the reasons being of all the blushes around, this particular shade from MAC truly deserves a sexier name.


mac mineralize blush gleeful review

My take on the MAC Gleeful Blush:

  • Color: This blush is a deep, berry pink shade with gold shimmers. At first sight, it looks very similar to MAC LoveThing. But the difference is visible when you swatch them both. While LoveThing is a more sheer raspberry, Gleeful is a deeper berry pink.

mac mineralize blush gleeful review+ mac cosmetics

  • Price:  INR 1400 approx.
  • Quantity:  3.5g

mac mineralize blush gleeful review+ mac

  • Pigmentation: Gleeful is intensely pigmented and one needs to be careful while applying it. A light dip in the pan is more than enough. A slight miscalculation would translate into clown cheeks.
  • Staying Power: This blush stays on the entire day even thought the shimmer wears off within an hour or two..

mac mineralize blush gleeful review+ mac gleeful

  • Application: I use a normal round blush brush , dip it lightly in the pan and then apply in circular motion from my hairline to the apple of my cheeks.


mac mineralize blush gleeful review+ mac blush swatch


I know I feel this way about 90% blushes, but I LOVE this too!! Everything about it is lovable..the shade, the non-OTT shimmers, the way it looks on my cheeks…everything! I would classify this shade as a must have for sure 🙂




mac mineralize blush gleeful review+ mac mineralize blush swatch

Swatches of MAC Gleeful Blush:


mac mineralize blush gleeful review+ mac gleeful swatch

mac mineralize blush gleeful review+ mac gleeful blush swatch

What I like about MAC Gleeful Blush:

  • The deep berry shade is so unique and I haven’t seen this shade anywhere else.
  • The shimmer is not OTT and doesn’t look like glitter on the cheeks like some shimmery blushes do.
  • Staying power is good
  • Would suit both fair and dusky skin tones.
  • The lid is see through so its handy to identify the colors amongst others.
  • Easy to blend.


What I didn’t like about MAC Gleeful Blush:

  • Nothing! I love it!


Ratings:  5/5

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  1. OMG!! Such a pretty berry pink I say!! =D I so wish I could buy them all!! 😀
    I still havent gotten over Peachtwist and Breezy hangover, now this shade 😛 I think sooner or later, am going mad thanks to blushes 😛

  2. Sandy, this is just so sexy..n I’ve already gone mad abt blushes..point of no return as I call cure, no all I cn say is..Welcome to the dark side 😉

    • Ana, So true I say!! There should be a MAC Loot sometime, trust me I’ll be there before evrybody else 😛
      Zee: Aiyo! I have no idea when I walked into this blush crazy maze! Every shade looks pretty and I want every shade I see.. Yeah, I can see that there is no cure or remedy, even my chocolate treat dint work =D The Dark Lord Zee welcomes to the other side? 😉

  3. Beautiful shade Zee…but dont you feel you have almost similar shades…pata nahi mujhe mere 15 blushes hi zyada lagte hain…after that most of the shades i see i feel they are same..

    • Naa..when ur as lush crazy as I am, ul want every shade, every hue imaginable……I usedt make d mistake d ordering same shades from diff brands earlier…then I realised my stupidity…now I neve ut same shades unless by mistake 😉

  4. Z mentions me in her post .. Btw Z dat jaanu is me only na ?? I noticed another jaanu commenting nowadays !!! ?:-)

    We can re-christen this blush !!since this resembles a bit of love thing .. We can call it this’ the bling fling ‘ blush !!!! :beauty:

  5. Am already crazy abt blushes 😮 got 4 of them this month even thou my skin is still nt fully recovered :shy: my meagre pocket money is spent only on lipsticks and blushes :quiet: and no cure is so true 😛
    D blush is making me sigh wit happiness 😀 but I wish it didn have shimmers!


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