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Hi All,

I reviewed the MAC Careblend pressed powder last month and mentioned there that I had finally managed to get my MAC MSF from Hyderabad….finally after 6months of waiting. It’s been a looong wait…The one lone MAC store in Pune never seemed to stock it even after begging them to and I was quite fed up with them. On my trip to Chennai, again I faced the same disappointment (altho I consoled myself by buying more goodies). But then I struck gold at Hyderabad. I just walked into the store and decided to try my luck. I couldn’t believe it when the MUA said they had it and I jumped on it the moment I held it in my hands!

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mac mineralize skinfinish natural review+ medium plus

I have also included a short comparison between the Careblend powder and the MSF Natural so that it’s clear what each product helps with and does.


About MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural:

A luxurious domed face powder with minerals, slowly baked to provide a dimensional yet natural-matte finish. Provides perfect low coverage. Use to set and fix foundation or as a touch-up throughout the day.

  • Price:  INR 1500
  • Quantity:  10gms

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My take on MAC MSF Natural in Medium Plus :

  • Packaging: This comes in a round black compact with a  clear see-through lid. As visible, the pressed powder is in a dome shape…even more so than what you can seen in the pictures since I’ve been using this for over a month now.
  • Coverage & Texture: This honestly provides nil coverage. It’s more like a finishing powder. It’s as light as air ( or as light as I expect air to be). It looks like it has mini illuminating particles in it, but that’s probably the minerals doing their job..

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mac mineralize skinfinish natural review+ mac

  • Staying Power: This really can’t be seen at all on the face like most powders so I judge the staying power by how long this keeps the oiliness at bay. After applying this, it’s about 3.5 – 4hrs before I need to re-apply.

What may strike you after reading the above points is why I’m so crazy about this if it doesn’t even provide any coverage??? Well, let me put it in point form lest I get carried away..

  • For starters this is exactly what it’s described to be.. a mineral powder which provides a natural matte finish.
  • This also means that when applied, the powder won’t make the skin look completely matte like the Maybelline Dream Matte Powder or MAC Careblend Powder.
  • It adds a luminent glow to the face. A few posts earlier in an FOTD, some mentioned a glow on my face. This is what made it happen! It makes me glow and look fresh and dewy.
  • Even though its not ultra-matte, it still keeps the oil at bay for the same time as a normal Compact
  • The formula isn’t thick and you won’t feel like you’ve applied anything 🙂
  • The quantity is good enough to be used for about 5-6mts easilymac mineralize skinfinish natural review+ mac cosmetics

The initial problem I had with this was not knowing how much to apply. Since I couldn’t see this on my face on application, I had no idea whether I was using enough. Then I watched a video on Youtube and realized that it’s not meant to be seen ..hehe..After around 6-7 applications and super-vision skills, I could makeout the difference it makes. I use the Bourjois Powder Kabuki to swirl in the pan and then press it into my skin.

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MAC Careblend Pressed Powder VS. MAC MSF Natural :

  • The Careblend powder acts more as a compact powder whereas the MSF is a true Finishing powder
  • MSFs are mineral based unlike the Careblend one
  • The Careblend powder gives a more Matte effect than MSF Natural.
  • The Careblend powder is much more creamy to the feel than the MSF
  • On application, the MSF is not even visible unlike the Careblend powder which is quite visible.
  • MSF will suit most skintypes whereas the Careblend Pwder is not for Dry skinned gals since it may accentuate the dryness and give the appearance of flakiness.
  • Although both have the same quantity, the Careblend pressed powder tends to finish faster than MSF.
  • If you like the dewy look sans oiliness, then MSF is the pick for you.

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mac mineralize skinfinish natural review+ medium plus after blending
After Blending…See? the skin still looks dewy as opposed to completed matte.

What I dislike about MAC MSF Natural in Medium Plus :

  • Expensive
  • I had a lot of trouble finding this shade. I’m not sure whether this is the same case for all shades though.


Ratings:  5/5 (-.5 just because I find it too pricey)

Have you tried the MAC MSF Naturals?

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  1. Shale, mac hai na…they’d never sell anythin for matter hw much we’d like them to! 😉 but atlst quality wise its awesome so its nt a waste..

  2. i hav heard alot about this Zee..but ru sure u are medium plus? coz a mua suggested me medium plus but u r way fairer than me ya..maybe iam medium dark..a nice review again..i wish it came wid a sponge na

  3. Haan pree…100perent m medium plus…I tried it at 3 stores and all 3 MUAs suggested medium plus 🙂 I think a various number of akin tones wud come under 1 shade so the MUA who guided u may to b wrong. But yea, do try medium dak n see which u like best 🙂

  4. aaah u finally got it! i remember how much u wanted this n u were askin everybody bout the diff between MSF n prep n prime n all 🙂 Y’know, such powders reminds me of freshly baked cupcakes :eat: I guess i said the same bout ur stila powder too 😀


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