MAC Mini Shader Brush No. 228 Review & Pictures


MAC Mini Shader Brush No. 228 Review

After sharing reviews for MAC Eye Brush No. 242, here is my review for MAC Brush no 228. MAC eye brush numbers starts with 2 series and face with 1 series. I have started writing post on MAC after a long time and now as this is easily available online in India it feels good as a consumer. However, to be honest the prices are insane due to import duties and taxes but nevertheless if you are MAC loyal, nothing can stop you. I , as a matter of fact hardly buy MAC makeup these days , but their brushes are something which really attracts me and not their makeup line.

MAC Mini Shader Brush No. 228 Review

About MAC Mini Shader Brush No. 228

This is what brand says

This brush has natural fibres that are slightly round-tipped and firm. The small shape of the brush allows for precise yet soft definition. Makes creating the perfect smoky eye easy. M.A.C professional brushes are hand-sculpted and assembled using the finest quality materials. They feature wood handles and nickel-plated brass ferrules.

Size- 15 cm

Price- 1750/ – In India

Shape- The shape of the brush as you can see in pictures is very tiny and is useful for placing colors in small area. If am using 3-4 colors at a time I prefer this brush for precise application of color as it gives so much precision due to flat rounded shape and size plus the stiffness it has is just right . The natural bristles help in placing the color easily with minimal fall out.

MAC Mini Shader Brush No. 228

Useful for- Like mentioned above, this is not for blending shadows but for placing it on smaller corners of eyes with precision. It is not as stiff as 239 but still STIFF enough to pack powder product and place it on right place with minimal effort.

Cleaning- MAC brushes are easily to clean especially this, as it’s so tiny and nicely packed, the brush dries overnight allows you to use it regularly, and since I use this for powder shadows it does not require frequent cleaning which is a plus point.

MAC Mini Shader Brush No. 228 Review India

What I like about MAC Mini Shader Brush No. 228?

  • The size is just right for placing colors precisely.
  • The bristles are natural and hence the powder shadows are easy to use.
  • The rounded bristles gives even application.

What I don’t like about MAC Mini Shader Brush No. 228?

  • Absolutely nothing, it is just so perfect.

Rating– 5/5

Overall Recommendations:  I adore this brush a lot , another favorite of mine for placing the color on lids is MAC 239 but this being so tiny does its job pretty well and is very handy if you are using multiple colors on eyes and want to place the shadow on small area .

Have you tried MAC Mini Shader Brush No. 228 before?


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