MAC Mulch Eyeshadow Review &Swatch


MAC Mulch 

Mulch is a MAC eyeshadow that will always have a special place in my heart. It is the first eyeshadow I ever swatched at a MAC store, back when I couldn’t afford anything in there! And then my husband gifted it to me on our wedding day! It was the best present ever and I literally used it every day after that until I used it up. I recently bought it again and I decided to show this beloved eyeshadow of mine to all of you!


MAC Mulch Eyeshadow Review+mac eyeshadows


I paid €17 for this eyeshadow at the MAC store in Lyon. It’s definitely over priced, but the colour is so great that I couldn’t resist.


MAC Mulch Eyeshadow Review shade+mac eyeshadow


Here’s a close up of the eyeshadow and a swatch to show you what Mulch looks like:


MAC Mulch Eyeshadow Review product pan+eye shadow


MAC Mulch Eyeshadow Experience:-

It’s a very normal looking colour, isn’t it? But trust me, if my house caught fire and I had to pick one eyeshadow to take with me, this gwould be it. Why? Below is a list of why I love Mulch so much:

  • The colour – The bronzey brown shade is perfect for everyday wear and really suits my skintone

2. The texture – It is velvety soft and while there is some shimmer, it isn’t too glittery

3. The pigmentation – The shadow is very pigmented and shows up beautifully even with just one swipe

4. The versatility – It pairs beautifully with other neutrals like gold, darker shades of brown or even olive-y colours. Plus, I can just use it as an all in one lid and crease colour, to save time and effort and just pair it with some eyeliner, either colourful or neutral.

5. The lasting power – It lasts all day with primer.


MAC Mulch Eyeshadow Swatch:-


MAC Mulch Eyeshadow Review hand swatch+eyeshadow reviews


MAC Mulch Eyeshadow Cons:-

The only con for me is the price. I could buy a lot of drugstore eyeshadows for the price of one MAC eyeshadow and it really stings when I’m forking over my debit card at the counter in the MAC store! But every time I use Mulch, I fall in love with it all over again and I’m reminded that it is worth every penny!


Have you guys tried this MAC Mulch? What do you think of this eyeshadow? Do let me know in the comments!


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  1. Mulch is a great shade for Indian skin tones. To be frank, I never gave Mulch much love until recently. I swatched it at the store and loved it though I am yet to get it. :-))


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