MAC Natural Flirt Eyeshadow Review & Swatches


 MAC Natural Flirt Eyshadow

Everybody is loving glamour daze collection eyeshadow and I am no exception here. We all love the way how MAC keeps on experimenting with their new collection packaging and this one is such a beauty .It has MAC inscribed all over the eyeshadow which breaks my heart whenever I use it.

I know a friend who doesn’t even open the product for few weeks so that she can just stare at the beautiful packaging .I am completely an opposite person in that regard. The moment I get something in my mail I can’t wait to open and swatch it and start using it and forget about old products. lolz.. I do the similar thing with clothes as well and keep discarding the old clothes and wonder why I am always short of clothes, makeup and other things all the time 😀

Natural flirt eyeshadow MAC+MAC Natural flirt eyeshadow

Natural flirt is a beautiful every day wear shade .A shade which is great to pop up those eyes. It comes out little sheer but pigmentation can be built upon with this and color pay off is much better when applied dampened.

MAC Natural flirt+MAC Natural flirt

A shade which one can pair with many eyeshadows and can be used all over eye lid with a winged eyeliner and red lipstick.One can combine it with many warmer shades

MAC Natural flirt eyeshadows+MAC Eyeshadows

It’s a peachy nude shade with duochrome finish and look at the finish! Isn’t it a beauty ?  I so wish to buy evening grey and use it for smoky eye makeup.

MAC Natural Flirt  swatches+MAC natural Flirt eyeshadow

MAC Natural Flirt Eyeshadow Swatches:-

Finger swatch gives better pigmentation otherwise it turns out little sheer when swatched on my hands.

MAC Natural flirt eyeshadow swatches

If you like the shade then do let me know I will come out with few eye makeup looks with it.

Have you tried MAC Natural Flirt eyeshadow ?

Wise She Rating – 3.5/5

  • Pigmentation -3.5/5
  • Texture -4/5
  • Staying power -4/5

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  1. i swatched this shade yesterday at store..i liked it fr being a nice everyday but its too sheer,need to be layered up a lot..pls do a look using this will give a better idea!

  2. Tis range is a treat fr d eyes..bas it’s too shimmery fr workso I don’t pik it…I almost wish I did have occasions t wear somethin like this..


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