Mac Next to Nothing Face Colour Fluide Illuminateur Teinte Medium Deep Review


Mac Next to Nothing Face Colour Fluide Illuminateur Teinte Medium Deep Review

Hello Sweethearts! Hope you guys are in your best of spirits and health. I am so happy and excited to resume writing reviews for Wiseshe again. It feels great when many of the beauty enthusiasts message me and let me know how my reviews helped them in some way or other. I am so glad to have made numerous friends across India who share similar interests and passion for makeup and beauty as mine. I was undecided what to review first, as we can see new launches every other day, you can understand how my haul keeps increasing exponentially ๐Ÿ˜€ Now to add to my woes, we have instagram sellers for buying international brands too. So I decided to review Mac Next to Nothing Face Colour Fluide Illuminateur Teinte Medium Deep which was launched recently. Hope this time too you find my review useful.

MAC Next To Nothing Face Colour

About Mac Next to Nothing Face Colour Fluide Illuminateur Teinte Medium Deep

This sheer tinted cream can be used under or over foundation, or to bring a translucent luminosity to skin. The cushiony, smoothing texture glides over skin, diminishing the look of imperfections and fine lines, while moisturizing and protecting skin. Skin looks immediately retouched.


  • May be used under or over foundation, or worn alone on skin.
  • Apply directly to skin using brush

Shades: Available in 9 shades, Dark, Dark medium, Dark plus, Medium, Medium dark, Medium deep, Medium plus, Light, Light plus

Price: Rs 2450 for 35 ml.

Packaging: It comes in frosted glass packaging with a pump which has an inbuilt lock system, absolutely convenient for travel purpose. I really wish Mac to introduce this kind of packaging with every range of foundations they sell. I have dropped this foundation twice or thrice, but till date not a single scratch has developed on the bottle, quite sturdy as well.

Shades: It comes in 9 shades. I picked up Medium Deep which is equivalent to Mac NC 42 in studio fix range. However, it is slightly deeper than NC 42.

Texture: It feels so comfortable on my skin, very lightweight and makes my face velvety smooth and hydrated for whole day long

After buying I checked all information, Mac has described it as a skin tint which can be used under or over foundation for glowing look. You won’t believe how disappointed I got. For tint, I can always go for a tinted moisturiser or BB or CC cream. Spending 2500 bucks and getting some glow with no coverage is really not done. Such a fancy name they have given to it, Fluide illuminateur, seriously a total dud of a product. Now I understood why they have named it Next to Nothing, they actually meant, compared to other foundations it is nothing :p

My Experience with Mac Next to Nothing Face Colour Fluide Illuminateur Teinte Medium Deep

I was extremely excited to try this out when it was launched. Many of the bloggers both abroad and in India were talking about its finish and coverage which they found to be totally similar to Mac face and Body foundation. I am a big fan of face and body foundation so wanted to grab it soon. At Nykaa, there is no stock of face and body foundation so I decided to go for it. One thing that nobody explained is that this is not a foundation, yes guys your read it right.

Finish: It has liquid consistency, neither runny nor thick and blends into my skin within seconds. After applying one layer, I felt it gives dewy finish. But with another layer of this gets really shiny. I always use a single layer of this skin tint and use my favourite chamber orosa foundation over it. Mac says this is a skin tint which will make your makeup look re-touched. I want to clarify what they mean by it. This product is going to make your face look so shiny at the end of the day that you would rather be distracted from other facial imperfections, it’s a filter for your eyes basically ๐Ÿ˜€

Mac Next to Nothing

Coverage: Absolutely no coverage, imparts glow and all but I could not achieve any coverage with it even after applying two layers of this foundation. I looked like an oil factory for sure. It is just a tint which will suit people with very dry parched skin sans blemishes.

Mac Next to Nothing Face Colour Fluide Illuminateur Teinte swatch

Staying Power: This does not matter at all. I mean when there is no coverage how does it matter, how long it stays on your face. I just felt with each passing hour my face was getting shinier.

What I love about Mac Next to Nothing Face Colour Fluide Illuminateur Teinte in Medium Deep?

  • Sturdy Packaging, travel friendly as well.
  • Pump dispenser with lock in mechanism.
  • It has 35 ml of product as opposed to other foundations.
  • It has 9 shades to cater to various skin tones.
  • Blends effortlessly, does not look cakey.
  • Makes my skin velvety smooth and hydrated.
  • It imparts dewy finish.

What I do not love Mac Next to Nothing Face Colour Fluide Illuminateur Teinte in Medium Deep?

  • Price pinches me a lot, 2500 INR for a skin tint is way too much.
  • It imparts absolutely no coverage. It is not buildable.
  • With layering it makes my skin shiny.
  • Requires regular touch up.
  • Due to its formula, I feel this product attracts more dirt, may be it has loads of glycerine or some other emollient in it.

Final Impressions: When you are buying it, make sure coverage should not be your concern. Just for hydration and glow go for it. Even as a tint I have to rate, it fails so miserably. Why to spend 2500 bucks on a skin tint which does not do anything. Just because it is from the very well-known Mac cosmetics brand, is not enough for me. However if you see this product from another perspective like someone looking for an everyday use base makeup which keeps skin hydrated and dewy, you would probably like it. From my side it’s a fail.

Rating: 1.75 out of 5


    • Ya i agree with you, many from other countries do love it, in india usually we want something that gives us coverage, does not look shiny. But its a love or hate relationship


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