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MAC Nubile Paint Pot 

Hi All,

All of you must have read my review on the MAC Mattene Lipstick in Deliciously Forbidden from the Posh Paradise Collection. It’s also this collection that gave me my very first paintpot. I ‘m a newbie to eye makeup and wanted something more skinline and pinkish which wouldn’t stand out. I was just hovering around the paintpots when the MAC SA, Gauri asked me whether I wanted to get a one. My super fast nodding must have screamed YES bcoz she then told me to follow her to check out the new Posh Paradise collection. And what a treat it was! The collection has gorgeous paintpots! Like seriously!! Every single one of them were so gorgeous that I was tempted to pick up more but then logic prevailed and I realised to get something I would actually use instead of swatching and admiring daily 😉 And I found my soulmate in Nubile!!

You can check out all the paint pot swatches from MAC Posh Paradise collection here and swatches of Permanent paint pots of MAC here

MAC Paintpot Nubile review + mac cosmetics

Ingredients of Nulbile Paint Pot:-

MAC Paintpot Nubile review + posh paradise collection+ ingredient list

My take on MAC Paintpot in Nubile:

  • Packaging: Paintpots come in a tiny glass pot much like the fluidlines, only larger. It has the same screw top lid and is quite sturdy. I haven’t heard of this pot breaking…ever!
  • Quantity:  5gms
  • Price:  INR 1350

MAC Paintpot Nubile review + posh paradise collection+mac cosmetics

  • Color:This shade is a creamy light pinky-peach kinda shade. It looks a bit frosty but when blended, it just melds in with my skin. I’d tried Painterly as well and it looks white on my skin and a bit weird for a novice, but Nubile is lighter and a creamy peach and more natural.

MAC Paintpot Nubile review + posh paradise collection swatch+mac best paint pots

  • Color Payoff & Texture:This paintpot like all others has a very good color payoff and a silky texture. It doesn’t crease on my lids and sets within a minute. And amazingly enough, eye shadow do look more vibrant over this!
  • Staying Power: It stays forever! I’m not saying this because this is my first paintpot and I’m naturally partial towards it. But it really does stay for about 8-9hrs continuously…cool right?

MAC Paintpot Nubile review + post paradise mc

This is easily the most versatile paintpot from this collection. I hope they make it permanent because its one of the most perfect paintpot for anyone to start with! It’s a bit unhygienic since it doesn’t come with a brush, but I’m quite content with dunking my brush or even my fingers into this…There’s something so luxurious about the shade that I cant resist swatching it time and time again 🙂

MAC Paintpot Nubile swatch + posh paradise collection review

All in all, I’m really happy that I got Nubile as my first paintpot and I finally understand what the fuss was all about 🙂

MAC Paintpot Nubile review + posh paradise collection review

Pros of MAC Paintpot in Nubile:-

  • Perfect neutral shade.
  • Very versatile since any shadow can be layered above it.
  • Doesn’t crease at all.
  • Stays for a long time.
  • Sets quite fast
  • Sturdy packaging.
  • I like that its the kind of shade which can be spread on the lid and finished with a liner 🙂
  • Perfect for daily wear as well.

MAC Paintpot Nubile review + mac posh paradise

Cons of MAC Paintpot in Nubile:-

  • Pricey
  • It’s an LE shade

Ratings: –

  • Pigmentation: 5/5
  • Packaging: 5/5
  • Staying Power: 5/5
  • Price vs. Quality: 5/5

Have you tried MAC Paint Pot Nubile ?

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    • ur rite heena…perfect shade it is…and perfect for gals like me who r more on the safer side when it comes to eye makeup 🙂 do u do eye makeup?

    • thanx Vish…

      i wish i had more suggestions t give u…but i myself m new to d world of paintpots….A and some more eye experts 😉 wud be able t help better 🙂 hav u tried nubile tho?

  1. I will just check that out Vish..actually because of high traffic there r too many questions pouring in every day and it has now become difficult to track them down.

  2. hi zara nice review !i personally like shades like dis but wore them so much when i was flying that now i like bright colors !have u tried treasure hunt..its a lovely yellowish gold n looksss sooooo pretty when paired with neutrals gives it a differnt dimension !

    • haha!! so true Shweta…for an expert this wud be a very basic shade…I hope i can get comfy witheye makeup as much so to use the brighter shades…they hav so many gorgeus shades in this collection that i reallywished i cud have bought all and done justice t them 🙂

  3. I agree its quite neutral paint pot..m using groundwork everyday to office and simply love it! it gives such a polished look without obvious color 🙂 i have quite pigmented eyelids would this suit me zara? I am too NC42 🙂 thanks for reviewing it!

    • absolutely Taps..this is like a multitasting shade..and y iliked it more is coz it isnt white or off white like most e/s bases available..this is such a soft light pink and blends easily nto my skin 🙂

  4. This would be a nice base for everyday neutral make up.
    You’ll get a lot of wear out of it 🙂

    Btw, is Gauri at the Jewel Square store? (assuming you went there)

    • Yep Xu…wohi wali Gauri…but now the Jewel Square counter is closed…its al shifted to Koregaon Park Plaza mall.. 🙁 so now i hav t travel even farther!

      i do luv this shade alot…m just started out in eye makeup and this is perfect for amateurs like me..which one do u like?

      • Noo…!!! I’ve never even heard of that KP mall !! They should just open a nice store in Phoenix.
        I looked at the state of the “pop up store”. It was kinda inevitable…. :(:(

        You know, I actually like all the bright shades in the collection! But I don’t think its worth that kinda money (for me)… I can’t wear a bright blue lid THAT often anyway. So I prefer neutrals and blacks and greys for cream ones. I have Rubenesque which is a shiny gold/copper colour. I love it!! 🙂

  5. Layer up the pink venus you got on this and try some matt purple in the outer half and crease…it would luk pretty….I like it but it would luk too ashy and white on me… pigmented lids problems..have the same problem with painterly

    • OMG!! Paro! u stole the words from my mouth…or mind…wotever 😉

      thats exactly how i used this ver d weekend…used this, then pink venus and then bourjois intense wala e/s in purple….amazing it looks..and so soft n romantic…sigh..

    • thanx preetha….i swear..even i think this is never ending….for a single use weneed so little…wish mac wud sell half the amt for half d price also 😉 wud make it so easy for us to try more and not feel guilty 😉

  6. zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :highfive: :highfive: even me 2 have dis.. mujhe tumhare sundar naina pe dekhna hai :hug-makeup:

  7. Anamika I kind of wanted to know, like i want to try mac paint pots really but before using that I want to know hows the Bharat and Dorris eyeshadow base? I saw at their website there are some 12 shades and costs rs 390, so if anyone has used , please tell how these are! me will go for those first!

    • Manya ..i think Zee can answer this questions..she has used few of B&D products..i have never even seen B&D counter.

    • hi taps..i hav tried out B&D e/s base….honestly i dint like it…it creased on me which was surprising since my lids r not that oily…this may differ from skin to skin as well tho…but thats d reason i dnt buy it…m an eye makeup novice and for me its impt t have easy t use products…the B&D one requires some amt of work to it..perhaps using a powder to set it my help….

    • it does..its quite similar to painterly infact…but i luv the satiny sheen it has….blisss!!! and its my very phirrsshhhtttt paintpot….

  8. Zara u r a cute girl infact when i took mom in law shopping today for conpact i got pure creation pp. v pretty! U must try indianwood too if u r in bbay il tell u who to meet at mac

  9. Oh yes i luurvvveee it infact since mt bdays coming up i went ahead n treated myself at mac yest!lucky green refill( thanxs anamika) pure creation pp and a mattene lippie


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