MAC Paint Pot Suggestions


Sushma asks, 

I am looking for some MAC paint pots for my marriage and dinners after marriage.Can you recommend  few of them which are from their permanent collection?


MAC paint pot suggestions



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  1. Hey Sushma.. first off congratulations 🙂
    Now if you are look for Paint Pots as a base, then I would suggest GroundWork or Painterly… If you are looking to wear them as is then IndianWood and Rubenesque would be the ultimate choice 🙂
    haven’t tried others 🙂

  2. Congrats Sushma..

    I would suggest you should go as per your skin tone.

    If you are on the fairer side,

    Painterly will be perfect as a matte base.

    Rubenesque,Indian wood will look good for festive/wedding/party/evening wear

    If your lids are dark, then please consider Constructivist, Groundwork, Idyllic etc

    I also liked Nubile from the new Posh Paradise range…will look awesome on lighter skin tones…but assuming you are in India, guess its not yet available.

    Hope that helps :-))

  3. Congratulations sushma ,, have a very happy married life :heart:

    sorry, i dont know any so cant help you,,but so many lovely girls out here will help you out 🙂

    god bless you 🙂 :heart:

  4. congrats for the wedding honey 😀 😀 …
    mac painterly if you use too much cool toned colors on eyes
    mac soft ochre if you are into warm colors
    both are good as base
    for colors
    i must say Rubensque and indianwood are damn pretty colors :-* :-*


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