MAC Powder Blush Sunbasque Review & Swatch


MAC Blush Sunbasque 

Remember back in school our favourite drawing teachers drilling it into our heads, primary color and secondary colors?? Today we talk only about Pantone colors, lipstick, blush and eyeshadow colors 🙁

Let’s get back to basic today. Let’s have a quiz on colors. The answers to these questions will be given below. Each correct answer has +5 points. Check your score and do drop in your score (and your views on the post) in the comments below.

MAC Powder Blush Sunbasque Review+mac blush

Here go the questions:

  1. What are the 3 primary colors?
  2. What are the color you get when you mix red and yellow?
  3. What is the color you get when you mix yellow and blue?
  4. What is the color you get when you mix blue and red?
  5. What is the color you get when you mix orange, green and violet/magenta?
  6. What is the color you get when you mix red and green?
  7. What is the color you get when you mix blue and green?
  8. What is the color you get when you mix yellow and violet/magenta?
  9. What is the color you get when you mix red, green and blue?
  10. What is the color you get when you mix red, orange, pink, brown and gold?

The answer to the last question is MAC Sunbasque 🙂 (For rest of the answer wait for my answer on the comment column)

MAC Powder Blush Sunbasque Review Package+mac blushes

About MAC Sunbasque :-

MAC Sunbasque  is an absolutely adorable shade which has so many colors that it actually goes well with many looks. Yes, its a prefect reddish, orangish, pinkish, brownish and gold shimmer blush, making it a perfect blush for a sunny day or a glamorous evening. The color pretty much goes with anything given that you want to pep up your bling and glamour quotient.

MAC Powder Blush Sunbasque Review Product in pan+mac makeup

How and when I like to wear MAC Sunbasque? Just a suggestion.

  • For a cool beach party, coz it works as a bronzer with the brownish tint, the orangy tint gives a fresh feel to it and the gold looks like the sun is shining on you.
  • For a uber party, the reddish tint can compliment your classic red lips and the gold can add in the bling.
  • For a traditional day/night  function. An Indian mehendi, sangeet or wedding is all about bling and gold. What better than this blush to give you the right bling on your cheek along with the soft blush of red with those signature lips.

MAC Powder Blush Sunbasque Review Hand Swatch+mac powder

This is how it looks on me. (Base Garnier BB Cream. No foundation)

MAC Powder Blush Sunbasque Review FOTD+peach blush

My overall rating – 4.5/5 (Loses 0.5 for price)

  • Pigmentation – 5/5 It’s a MAC after all
  • Packaging – 5/5 Staple MAC
  • Longitivity – 5/5 It will last for longgggg when you apply it over a good foundation base.
  • Availability – 5/5 MAC Stores zindabad.
  • Price –  INR 1350 /- Bloody expensive as usual.

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 Have you tried MAC Powder Blush Sunbasque or any of the blush above ?

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  1. MBP… this is my first mac blush…!before that i hate blushes as when i was in the airline.. the company wanted us to apply enuff blush to be visible from a mile away.. so i always asscoiated blushes with clown cheeks

  2. So mu lovely ladies now that you have seen the review and calculated your scores, here are the answers 🙂

    1. Red, Yellow , Blue
    2. Orange
    3. Green
    4. Violet/ Magenta
    5. Grey
    6. Yellow
    7. Cyan
    8. Red
    9. Black
    10. You know the answer and a whole lot about it.

  3. This is damn pretty, i want this too, when i was at mac, a girl had come who took two sunbasque blushers, its a hit in india i think


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